Call For Papers: Western Regional Legal Writing Conference


Seattle University School of Law hosts the Western Regional Legal Writing Conference Aug. 25–26, 2017. Proposals are due March 24, 2017.

The theme of this year’s conference, Connections, includes possible topics such as

  1. connecting your legal writing classes with students’ other foundational courses;
  2. connecting and collaborating with other faculty to improve your students’ ability
  3. to transfer what they have learned to clinics, externships, and jobs;
  4. connecting legal writing classwork with clinics or external nonprofits;
  5. connecting with alumni and practitioners;
  6. connecting with other legal scholars; and
  7. connecting with others to help improve legal writing faculty status.

We are soliciting proposals on any of these topics or your own ideas re. connections. We invite both individual and panel proposals.

The deadline for proposals is Friday, March 24, 2017. To submit, please send the following information in a Word document to Janet Dickson (dicksonj [at]

  1. Name(s) and contact information of presenter(s)
  2.  Title of presentation
  3.  Brief (one or two paragraph) description
  4. Time needed (25 minutes or 50 minutes)

In the email subject line, please include “Western Regional Conference Proposal.” We hope to complete program selection by April 14.

For more details CLICK HERE


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