“Yes, Lawyers have emotional intelligence”


The vision from my dad’s Car

From the window of my dad’s car,

I’m watching the moon with lots of star.

Feeling the beauty of nature’s spark,

With the fresh breeze from outside dark.


A Car passes by near me with high speed,

Pushed the brake and broke the peace,

A dame thrown out from that box of tin,

With wads of wounds and bloody chin.


Weeping out loud in state of scrape,

Bare in public with some shabby crape,

Masses gathered and looked that fille,

Calling her out with some great willies.


In this moving world that girl survives,

Then someone allege by call, her soul dies,

No one rush to cover her morally,

Instead of this she screamed for her slave orally.


Please send an angel from above the land,

Who will turn my society into a dreamland?

Where people know how to treat a girl,

With the pleasant thoughts in their skull.



Feeling ashamed of what we are,

Need to change ourselves to gain some star,

From the window of my dad’s car,

Today I see where we are.


Name – Vasu Aggarwal

Email Id – vasuaggarwal1111@gmail.com

College/University – School of Law, Galgotias University


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