Call for Applications: Campus ambassadors at Jurisedge


Jurisedge is India’s Premier and No. 1 legal website for Lawyers and Law Students. Founded in 2016, Jurisedge has quenched the hunger for knowledge of 40000 users from 100 countries around the world. In 2017, Jurisedge has taken the initiative to come a step forward to help the students and legal professionals by creating the Jurisedge Academy.

Jurisedge Academy, a part of Jurisedge, will be useful for students pursuing their 3 years/5 years LL.B. degree course or have completed LL.B. or LLM or Practicing Advocates or Judicial Officers preparing for Higher Judiciary Exams. The Courses, Mock Tests or Unit tests, that we provide, are intended to create a bridge between theoretical world of law and practical world of law. In addition to that, these Courses, Mock Tests or Unit Tests will certainly mould the students professional/legal life in such a way that they will gain extra edge over the other competitors in a thumping attitude.


The Jurisedge Campus Ambassador Program is one of our initiatives to enhance the outreach among the Law Students across India.

Our Campus Ambassador Program recognises and awards enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated Students by providing them the opportunity to represent Jurisedge Academy on their campus.

  • Term– 4 months. We will consider to extend your tenure on the basis of your work.
  • Nature of work– Online (Work from Home) Qualifications: Students Pursuing LL.B, B.A/B.B.A LL.B Degree
  • Number of Positions – Two (2) Campus Ambassador from each college/ university.


Becoming a Campus Ambassador of Jurisedge is a matter of pride and comes with loads of benefits & responsibility. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Certificate as a Campus Ambassador, which will add value to your resume.
  • You will get the chance to EARN MONEY while learning. Sound exciting? We think so too.
  • An amazing opportunity to become Marketing Manager of Jurisedge.
  • Being a Student Ambassador will give you excellent work experiences and the opportunity to develop a range of skills, including communication with a variety of people, presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management etc.
  • Opportunity to Interact and network with new people from your Law School or University and some of the best legal minds in India and have doing that.
  • Opportunity to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You can credit yourself as a Jurisedge Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, personal pages etc.

Position will be contractual basis and person appointed can be removed from the post without any notice if work found unsatisfactory.


As our Campus Ambassador, you will be part of our integral team and will assist in enlarging our networks. We are looking for law students who are:

  • Proactive, creative, enthusiastic, hard-working and self-motivated.
  • Good communication and organisational skills
  • Be a Jurisedge Representative in your school.
  • Represent Jurisedge in at least two(2) major events within your school by working with us to create  awareness and value for our products.
  • Inform Jurisedge regarding various sponsorships available for any events organized by his/her College/University
  • Involved with student organisations, communities and activities and have held leadership positions in those.
  • An active Facebook or Google+ user, interested in promoting our services, articles and educational content on Social Media.
  • Interested in meeting and networking new people and apprising them about Jurisedge Academy and the products and services it offers.
For more Information visit :


24th March, 2017


Want to be a Campus Ambassador for your Law School or University? Simply mail us your CV to

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