Special Issue on ‘Uniform Civil Code’

JLPP is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary Journal, published by the National Law School of India 

University, Bengaluru. JLPP aims to be a forum that encourages and engages students, Academicians, 

Administrators, Practitioners and Research Scholars to come together for the cause of continuing Legal 

education, with special focus on law and public policy.

The Editorial Board of the Journal consists of:

 Prof.(Dr.) R. Venkata Rao – Patron-in-Chief

 Prof. (Dr.) Sairam Bhat – Chief Editor

Call for Papers Special Issue on Uniform Civil Code

Article 44 of the Constitution of India provides that; “The state shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a 

uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”. In the landmark Shah Bano case, the Supreme 

Court regretted that Article 44 of the Constitution of India in relation to bringing of Uniform Civil Code 

in India remained a dead letter and held that a common civil code will help the cause of national 

integration by removing disparate loyalties to laws which have conflicting ideologies. Recently, the Law 

Commission examined the implications of implementing uniform civil code, thereby resurfacing the 

debate on whether the constitutional mandate under the Directive Principles of State Policy should be 

made a reality. It has been argued that the personal laws should be replaced and a code on marriage, 

divorce, succession, custody, adoption and maintenance should be common, governing every citizen. 

The JLPP solicits submissions for its fourth issue to be launched in June 2017. Original unpublished 

research papers are invited in the area of Uniform Civil Code and any of the following sub themes; 

Common civil code/law v/s Uniform civil code; Uniform civil code: from status to contracts; Uniformity 

or pluralism; UCC, Constitution of India and Constitutionalism; UCC, Multi culturalism and secularism; 

The Jurisprudence on Uniform Civil Code; Uniform Civil Code and conflict of Personal Laws; UCC and 

Human Rights; Gender equality and family law; Uniform Civil Code in Comparative International Law; 

and any other related themes.

The author/s can make submissions under the following heads:

1. Scholarly articles and research Papers (5000-8000 words, inclusive of


2. Short Articles (3000 -5000 words, inclusive of footnotes).

3. Case Comments, Legislative Briefs, Law Commission report/review and book review (1500-2500 

words, inclusive of footnotes).

4. Book Review

The deadline for accepting submissions is March 31st, 2017. Submissions are to be made only in 

electronic form. The same may be e-mailed to (in MS Word format) along with a 

covering letter addressed to Dr.Sairam Bhat (Coordinator & Chief Editor, Journal of Law and Public 

Policy,(2017). The covering letter should include the author’s contact information and a short abstract 

that outlines the main 

 or themes addressed in the paper. All submissions will go through an 

initial round of review by the editorial board and the selected pieces will subsequently be sent for peer-

review before finalization for publication. We encourage potential contributors to adhere to

a uniform mode of citation throughout the whole work.

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