One Week Refresher Course for Law Teachers @NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL OF INDIA UNIVERSITY, Bengaluru



In association with


ACADEMY FOR CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION. Kochi One Week Refresher Course for Law Teachers

10-16th June 2017.

“March of Law: Analysing Legal Developments in Pursuit of 

Constitutional Governance and Social Justice” 

Venue: Training Centre, National Law School of India University,

Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru, India 560072.

About National Law School of India University 

The National Law School of India University, known to be an Institution of 

Excellence in Legal Education and Research, came into existence through a 

Notification under the National Law School of India University Act (Karnataka Act 22 

of 1986). It signified the culmination of efforts by the Judiciary, the Bar Council of India, the Karnataka Bar Council, Bangalore University, and the Government of 

Karnataka, to reform legal education and to establish a centre of excellence for legal education and research in India.

The Chief Justice of India is the Chancellor of the University. These connections lend a stature and prestige to the School which is unparalleled in the history of legal education in India. 

The Karnataka Act confers complete administrative and academic autonomy which facilitates innovation and experimentation in the pursuit of excellence in legal education.

The Law School has the social responsibility of continuing to be a Centre of Excellence in the field of legal education, a position which it came to occupy within the first ten years itself due mainly to the dedicated efforts of the Faculty and 

students during those initial and formative years. Globalization has thrown up new challenges, and the professional legal education has to cater to the growing demands for skilled legal professionals who can effectively function in the emerging legal order of internationally acceptable levels of excellence.

The National Law School of India University, oldest of the ‘law Schools’, is well known for its role in ‘redefining’ the legal education in India. The Law School offers degree via both regular and distance education learning mode. The regular courses are the integrated undergraduate B.A., LLB (Hons) programme, one year postgraduate LLM programme in Business Laws and Human Rights. The Law School has also started a two year postgraduate interdisciplinary course on Masters in Public Policy. This programme is open to graduates of any discipline.

About Bar Council of Kerala M K N Academy for Continuing Legal Education : Established by the Kerala Bar Council in 2015, the Academy is the first of its kind institution in India for continuing legal education for Advocates, Law Teachers and Law Officers. Aimed to improve the quality of legal services and justice delivery, the programmes are designed for education and training of legal personnel toward professional development in all its dimensions.

M.K.N.Academy is headquartered in KINFRA PARK, Kalamassery (Kochi) where the campus is under construction. When completed, the Academy will have residential facilities up to 100 trainees at a time with the necessary smart class rooms, practice infrastructure including Arbitration/Mediation laboratories and support systems. Prof.(Dr.) N.R. MadhavaMenon who pioneered Five Year Integrated LL.B. programme in 1970s at the National Law School, Bangalore and later started Judicial education and training at the National Judicial Academy, Bhopal, is the Hony. Director of the Kerala Bar Council’s M.K.N.Academy for Continuing Legal Education.

The Academy is presently offering four types of programmes for lawyers and Law teachers either on its own at headquarters (Kochi) or at other centres in association with law schools or bar councils/bar associations. These programmes include (i) an Induction Training Course for new entrants to legal practice aimed to assist an LL.B. graduate to assume the role and responsibilities of a practising lawyer; (ii) Professional Development Workshops for Advocates/Public Prosecutors/Law Officers in different branches of legal practice enabling them to upgrade knowledges and skills for better delivery of services in a competitive environment; (iii) Specialized Legal Practice Training for those established legal practitioners to acquire specialization in emerging areas of legal practice including Mediation, Arbitration, Trans-national Lawyering etc. and (iv) Refresher Courses in Law Teaching and Research for those involved in preparing lawyers for the future.For further information visit our website 

About the Refresher Course: 

National Law School of India University from its very beginning has been involved in organizing U.G.C. – Sponsored Orientation/Refresher Courses for law teachers aimed to advance the quality of teaching and research in all branches of law both at the graduate and post-graduate levels. The duration of the courses varied between one week to three weeks and the subject areas extended to substantive and procedural courses.

On line with the above, the present Refresher Course will look at the syllabus, study materials and teaching methods of Constitutional Law, International Law,Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, Family Law, Contract Law, Labour Law, Business Law and Arbitration Law. Updating recent developments in knowledge and skills on the laws as well as emerging tools and techniques for better teaching/learning of these subjects will be the focus of the course.

About the Programme 

The objective of this one week program is to undertake intensive study of developments in select areas of law, legislative and decisional, and to critically evaluate them in the context of constitutional governance for “Justice, social, economic and political”. The expected learning outcome includes not just updating knowledge, but also how to translate it into teaching/learning modules in the respective subjects. Through exchange of experience, the course expects to adopt best practices and innovative methods in teaching and research in Law.

Methodology of the Refresher course: Classroom lectures, case study, exercise based, group discussion, presentation by participants.

Evaluation of Participants: The Course will have an evaluation scheme for participants [last day] and the following should are the grades: 

A 75% and above 

B 60% to less than 75% 

C 50% to less than 60% 

F below 50% 


Course Fee: Rs 7000/-

(Includes Course fee, Course kit, Stay [Twin sharing] 

and Food for the duration of the programme. 

Participants must bear their own travel requirements 

and cost.)

Limited Seats: First Come First Serve Basis

Admission to the course will be solely decided by the 

Coordinator of the programme.

Date:10-16th June 2017 [both days included]

Last date of Registration: 15th April 2017

Course Director: Prof. N R Madhava Menon 

Programme Co-ordinator: Dr. Sairam Bhat 

Subjects to be covered: 

 Constitutional Law

 Contract Law

 Environmental Law

 Arbitration Law

 Investment Law

 Corporate Law

 International Law

 Human Rights Law

 Family Law

 Labour Law

 Teaching 


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