Top 5 Law internships with the biggest firms in India | Luthra & Luthra, DSK Legal,J Sagar Associates and more@

1. Luthra and Luthra Law Offices:

Location: Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore.

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About: Mr. Rajiv K. Luthra started his career in the year 1978, advising clients on taxation and allied issues. Over a period of time, he diversified into regulatory and compliance matters. He then founded Luthra & Luthra Law Offices in 1990. Coinciding with the liberalization process of the government in the year 1991, Mr. Luthra expanded the scope of services being rendered by Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, into a full service Legal Firm, providing legal advice and assistance to clients in all areas of practice.

Work Culture: To be successful at the Firm, a lawyer must be at ease working in an informal environment and have the initiative and imagination to deal with novel legal issues.

The local office undertakes most of our recruitment. But there are also synchronized recruiting efforts by regional practice groups. The staffing requirement for each office varies considerably from time to time and from practice area to practice area – but an office will always be pleased to hear from you if you have a keen interest in joining the Firm.

So whether you are a student looking to start your career, a qualified lawyer interested in a specific office or practice area, or would like to work with us in a non-legal role, you are always welcome to get in touch with the office at any time to find out what career opportunities may be available.

2. DSK Legal
Location: Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore

About: DSK Legal was established in April 2001 with the intent of delivering quality legal services at international standards across service lines relevant to business. The founder partners have immense experience and are well reputed in the areas of corporate and commercial work, dispute resolution, real estate and indirect tax. Starting with 7 lawyers in 2001, we have rapidly grown with lawyers from diverse backgrounds, with multiple skill sets, and offices in Mumbai and Delhi.

Application Procedure: To apply for an internship with us, please mail your applications to Please mention in the covering letter, consolidated duration of previous internships, the date and duration you would like to intern with us. E.g.: 8 months of internship exposure. Internship application for a period of one month from May 1, 2010 to May 31, 2010.

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3. J Sagar Associates:
Location: Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore

About: J Sagar Associates, which is commonly known as JSA, is an Indian law firm. It was founded by Jyoti Sagar in 1991 and later Berjis Desai joined the firm on April 1, 2003 starting the Mumbai office. The firm now has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Application Procedure: Applicants should apply online at least 6 months in advance of the month during which Internship is sought.Applicants may also apply in the prescribed format to

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Any applications not received online or at the email address above or which are not accompanied by the prescribed documents will not be entertained.

The documents to be submitted are:
-Online application form;
-Curriculum vitae; and
-Two writing samples (Optional)

Attributes that we admire in an Intern:
-Superior academic credentials;
-Right attitude, and temperament to learn;
-Team player;
-High in motivation and energy;
-Initiative; and
-Interpersonal skills

4. Anand & Anand:
Location: Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Chennai

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About: Anand & Anand established in 1979, is a specailised intellectual property(IP) law firm in the country. Some of its key clients include Microsoft Corporation, Louis Vuitton, Tata Group and Ford Motor Company.

Work culture: At Anand and Anand, they provide a work environment that enables individuals to challenge themselves everyday, push the limits of excellence and optimize their potential- professionally as well as personally.
Their recruitment process endeavors to hire the best available talent and their HR processes are geared towards nourishing and developing this talent into our competitive advantage. At Anand and Anand you will associate with some of the best and most talented people in the industry.

5. Kachwaha &Partners:
Location: Delhi and Bombay

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About: Kachwaha & Partners is a full service law Firm, with offices at Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay) and associate lawyers in most major cities of India. The main office of the Firm is in New Delhi, conveniently located next to the diplomatic mission area. It is easily accessible from all parts of Delhi as well as its suburbs.
The Partners and members of the Firm are senior professionals with years of experience behind them. They bring the highest level of professional service to clients along with the traditions of the profession, integrity and sound ethical practices.

Internship and Recruitment: The firm is happy to accept law students for short term internships. Generally, 3rd year students (in a five year integrated law course) or final year students (in a three year course) would be a good fit. Also the applicant must be desirous of a career in law.
The Firm prefers to recruit from those who have previously interned with them. In case of senior associates, our general approach would be to first offer a short term assignment. We believe the initial interactions these opportunities present are invaluable for both sides in taking the relationship forward.8876bb33a3343a093b115d808f3616e177adaa4654a9.jpg

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