InternshipExperience @Advocate on Record, Ajay Vikram Singh, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi 

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID.

School of Law, Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun, VIth Semester,

Name of Organisation, Location, City.

Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India, 18 LGF, Todarmal Road, Bengali Market, New Delhi.
Application process with contact details
One has to mail his/her CV with a cover letter at

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first impression was very impressive as the bewitchery of him will definitely magnetise anyone.

There were no such formalities, on the first day sir called me to the court and said to follow him to the Supreme Judge Court.

The infrastructure of the sir’s chamber was very impressive. Interns were allowed to read anything they want and can access to his library.

Main Task

Mainly research work on the different local laws and criminal law. Preparing facts and files and read case files in order to understand the issues, rules and their applicability in the case.

I got an opportunity to interact with different clients and the best part was to observe the court proceeding of Supreme Court, High Court, & District Court of Delhi.

Work environment and people

The Juniors were very generous and considerate in nature. They were very supportive and treated me like their own.

They use to encourage me a lot and edify me about the refinement of procedure and use to help me wunderstand the technicalities of Civil & criminal law.

Stipend & Certificate 
Certificates will be issued to interns on satisfactory completion of their internship.

No stipend will be paid

Best things

Brilliant office atmosphere and encouraging people who genuinely want you to grow.

Excellent infrastructure and access to a huge library and online database.

Flexible timings and work based deadlines.

Plenty of opportunities to network and make contacts.

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