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1. Scheme for Internship in Performance Management Division, Cabinet Secretariat:

Duration: Maximum six months.

Token remuneration Rs.10,000/- per month per Intern payable at the end.

Each interm will be provided with a minimum logistic support i.e. office space and computer/ internet facility.

Certificates will be issued to the interns at the end of their internship.

Click here for more details and apply now.Objective:
To familiarize the interested and willing Post Graduate/Research students with the overall process of performance management at the Performance Management Division (PMD) , Cabinet Secretariat.

It is neither a job nor any such assurance for a job in the PMD.

Application guidelines:
Applicabie to Indian Nationals only.

Internship available to Post Graduate and Research students during their holidays, who are willing to have an exposure/familiarization of the overall processes involved in the Performance Management.

The Interns would be attached with different areas/syndicates of the Performance Management Division, keeping in view the areas of interest expressed by the candidates and as per the preference of the PMD that shall assign a specific project for the intem.

These Interns will be required to present a brief report/ paper at the end of their assignment to PMD highlighting their observations and the suggestions, if any.

The interested Post Graduate or Research students pursuing studies at various Universities and recognized Research Institutes may send their applications in the enclosed proforma along with their CVs by the 1st of the month preceding the month from which they intend to join.

The candidate will be required to produce a permission letter from their Supervisor or Head of Department, in case he/she is interested to join internship not during holidays.

All these applications will be scrutinized and the actual offer will be sent to the  candidates subject to the availability of slot and approval of the Secretary(Performance Management). Maximum number of slots to be offered to these students shall not exceed six at any point of time.

2. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India:

Duration: The duration of the internship will be for maximum period of 6 months

Objective: The need for an internship programme in the Ministry has been felt for sometime. The internship programme will provide an opportunity for the officers of the Ministry to interact with young thinking minds with brilliant academic record from reputed institutions. Ideas from budding scholars will prove to be of importance to the practitioners of diplomacy in the Ministry, at the same time, the internship programme will also provide the interns with an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with the process of foreign policy formulation in Government of India.

Click here for more details and apply now.

Eligibility: The programme is open to Indian citizens. The candidates should at least have a Degree in Humanities. PG/Research students and foreign language students can apply. Research scholars from specialised fields like energy security, climate change, disarmament etc. or with formal background in International Relations will be given preference depending upon the requirement of a Division in the Ministry. The intern should have excellent academic track-record and should preferably be from a Centre/Institution of excellence.

The internship programme will neither be a job nor any such assurance for the job in the Ministry of External Affairs.

3. PRS Legislative Research:

Location and Duration: The duration of the internship is flexible, but is normally between four and eight weeks.  The intern will be working out of the PRS office in New Delhi, assisting analysts in their research, as well as undertaking an internship project. Please note that no accommodation or remuneration is provided. This is strictly an unpaid internship.

About the internship:

PRS offers rolling internships throughout the year.

The PRS staff consists of a team of dedicated professionals with different areas of expertise, and is broadly divided into the research and outreach departments.  While the research team analyses legislative and policy issues of topical interest, the outreach team tracks the working of the legislatures and legislators, manages citizen engagement and is PRS’s interface with the MPs and MLAs.  A prospective intern can apply for an internship in either/ both departments.

Click here for more details and apply now.Structure of the internship:

The internship varies from session to non-session time.  During a Parliament session, PRS’s work is guided by the issues taken up in Parliament and interns are expected to work with the analysts on any and all projects.  During non-session periods, the interests of the individual intern are taken into consideration, and he/she is matched with an analyst(s) doing related work.

The successful completion of a PRS internship requires the intern to pursue an internship project.  The project is decided upon by the individual intern in consultation with analysts.  At the end of the internship period, the intern would be expected to submit an internship project report and make a presentation to the PRS team on their project work.

Expectations from interns:

In addition to a deep interest in the working of Parliament and the legislative process in India, an intern should have:

strong writing skills

strong analytical skills

4. Competition Commission Of India, Government Of India.

Objective: To familiarize interested and willing students of Economics, Law, Management and Finance with the provisions of Competition Act and its applications.

Stipend: An amount of Rs.10, 000/- per month will be given as honorarium during the internship. Internship is normally for a period of one month, commencing on the 1 st working day of the month.

Click here for more details and apply now.Eligibility:

– Students pursuing following courses can apply, Economics and Management : • MA/MSc. (Economics) • Fourth and final year students of 5 year integrated degree Programme in Economics • MBA.

– Law: • Second and third year of the Bachelors degree in Law (3 year course after graduation)or • Fourth and final year of the integrated five year course in Law and students who have taken 3rd year exam and are entering the 4th year. • LLM Regulatory.

– Governance: • MA/MSc. (Regulatory Governance) Professional Courses: • Students of final group of Chartered Accountancy or Cost Accountancy or Company Secretary.

Students with a placement in hand are not eligible.

Other details:

– Application should be made 3 months in advance, clearly mentioning the month for which the internship is to be considered.

– Interns will be provided with minimum logistic support i.e., office space with intercom and computer facilities. Interns will work in the premises of the Commission and may utilize Commission’s library. Interns are also free to access libraries in the city with prior permission of the Guide assigned to them. The competent authority or nominee of the institution or referee recommending the candidature for internship, may be available for interactions with the Commission, if need be.

5. Research Internship, Reserve Bank Of India

Duration and Stipend:

– The internship will be for a period of 6 (six) months extendable for another 6 (six) months based on the needs of the unit and the performance of the intern. Exceptional performers might be considered for further extension (total internship period may be for a maximum period of two years with a provision for renewal every six months).

– The internship is based at Mumbai, India. The Reserve Bank reserves the right to terminate the internship with a notice period of one month without giving any reason.

– The Reserve Bank would provide office space, internet connectivity and other support facilities to the interns. The Reserve Bank would pay a stipend of Rs. 35,000 per month. Interns will be required to make accommodation arrangements of their own.

Click here for more details and apply now.

The intern would assist and collaborate with the Reserve Bank researchers on projects to provide policy inputs and papers targeted for publication at quality economics and finance journals. The intern would assist in compiling accurate and timely data and help with the relevant analytical statistical and econometric tools necessary to execute the research projects. The intern may transition to writing research and policy articles of appropriate quality.

Eligibility: Applicants should have completed 3-year undergraduate degree plus one extra year of post-graduate studies or 4-year integrated courses such as B.Tech or B.E. before joining. The Reserve Bank seeks motivated candidates with quantitative oriented degrees in economics, finance, or statistical sciences or those with expertise in computer or data analytics or engineering. Programming skills or ability to acquire them are necessary. The Reserve Bank’s work environment will give candidates many opportunities to learn and participate in research. Candidates should be keenly interested in the Reserve Bank’s core areas of research and also be able to derive benefit from our work in these areas. The opportunity will be open to domestic as well as foreign students. Work experience is not a pre requisite.

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