Indian Case Laws is an initiative in the direction of making law more lucid, accessible and interesting to everyone and anyone- from law students to laymen. They do this by succinctly analysing case laws in our working area with the end result being a clear summary of landmark judgements.


Selected interns will assist ICL in developing summaries of cases and their analysis on key legal topics of our working area. Interns will have an opportunity to learn how to make case summaries and make a comparative study to analyze them. They will also be required to write complex legal concepts in a simple and lucid manner without missing out the legal essence and assist in preparing background research for the upcoming posts on the ICL blog.

Our mentors will guide them through emails and video conferencing throughout the internship period as and when required. The internship program aims to improve legal writing and research skills of law students and hone their skills to present complex legal issues in a simple and precise manner.

WHO CAN APPLY: Undergraduate law students, postgraduate law students, and research scholars in India

MODE: Online

PERIOD: 4 weeks (minimum) and 12 weeks (maximum)

STIPEND: There will be no stipend. However, your research will be duly acknowledged and published with your name on our website and blog.  The copyright to any work done through the course of the internship shall be with ICL. However, the author shall be free to republish her work.

CERTIFICATE: A certificate shall be awarded on the successful completion of the internship.

WHEN TO APPLY: Positions are available throughout the year


Kindly send the following by e-mail explaining your interest in the ICL Legal Internship Programme to

1. Covering letter – This should set out the following:

Why you wish to be considered for an intern position
– The dates you would be able to take up the position
– Highlight the areas of law you are interested in
– Specific research experience

2. Full Curriculum Vitae (CV / Resume)

3. Writing sample – The writing sample could be a case Comments, summary of a landmark case on any topic of our working area or a legal course-work essay of general interest.

3.1 Case Comments: This could be a comprehensive analysis of a recent judicial pronouncement and should      critically analyze the law prior to the ruling as well as its subsequent implications. Word Limit: 2000 – 2500 words

3.2 Case Summary: This could be a summary of a landmark case in not more than 1500 words. The summary should set out facts in brief, arguments from both the sides and contention wise description of the judgement. See sample case summary here

3.3 Legal Essay: This could be a note on a legal issue or question of general interest in not more than 1000 words. Get ideas here

CONFIRMATION:  Once your complete application (the three documents requested above) has been received, they will take a minimum of 2 weeks from the date of your application to process your application and accordingly you will be notified if you get selected. Please do not follow up through emails or phone calls.

ACCEPTANCE: The internship offers will remain open for acceptance for 15 working days from the date of the offer. If they do not hear from you within that period they will assume that the offer is rejected and it will be withdrawn and offered to the next successful applicant.

For more detail about Indian Case Laws, kindly visit the website –


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