Call for Papers: National Seminar on “The Concepts of Nation and Nationalism in the thoughts of Shri M.S. Golwalkar”

The present seminar aims at putting the views of Shri M.S. Golwalkar (Guruji) in proper perspective since he has been much misunderstood and maligned by his adversaries. Shri Golwalkar was a champion of robust nationalism. His views on nation and nationalism are to be understood in proper context in a holistic way and in the light of present day Indian and global scenario.

With the demise of communist ideology and capitalist global theory and revival of the spirit of nationalism it is needed to ponder what is nation and nationalism in modern context. In this respect the ideas of Shri Golwalkar are worth visiting.

One of the major thrust of his views was rejection of communist-socialist-capitalist ideology and revival of ancient Indian ideas and ideals which are not antagonistic to universal well-being, though they are full of patriotic fervour.

There has been a fierce debate in the west as to what is nation and nationalism. These concepts were understood narrowly and still such views prevail there. But in India these concepts do not have only territorial confinements and narrow sectarian circumscription. They have cultural overtones as well.

Golwalkar’s conception can be regarded as enlightened nationalism when he talks of “Hindu Rashtra”. It is not theocracy. Rather it it can be branded as “Dharmocracy”. He emphasizes Dharma-centricity of Indian cultural ethos. Dharma is a very comprehensive concept enriched by several ideas and ideals, customs, traditions and practices which are beneficial to individual, society and world at large.

He spearheaded one of the strongest religious, cultural and social organizations of the world making determined efforts to inculcate in its followers a burning devotion to India and its national ethos. He tried to kindle in them the spirit of dedication and moral character. He strived to arouse social consciousness, mutual goodwill, love and cooperation among them all. He made them realize that castes, creeds, languages etc. are

secondary and service to the nation is supreme. He moulded their behavior accordingly instilling in them sense of true humility and discipline. He emphasized training of the body to make it strong to shoulder social and national responsibility. He tried to inculcate the spirit of national consciousness in every Indian.

Shri Golwalkar was pained to find how the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ was misconstrued and maligned. He was annoyed to see that our glorious heritage is distorted and derided by our own people. The rich contribution of our seers and sages is being branded as obscurantism, communalism and retrogatory. He therefore tried to rectify this situation. He inculcated burning devotion to mother land with common culture, ideals and aspirations. And he pointed out that this is not for India’s sake but for the whole world. He insisted that every citizen of Hindustan is a Hindu and Hinduism is not a cult or creed but a mode of thinking and way of living. In the present situation in India and in the world his ideas seem to be very much relevant and useful. Keeping this in view this seminar has been conceived. It is hoped that scholars will revisit his thoughts in an unbiased manner and enlighten the people who may not be aware of his thoughts.

Interested scholars and researchers are invited to send their papers for presentation in this Seminar latest by 27th June, 2017 via email to

Sd- Professor Rajaneesh Kumar Shukla Member Secretary Indian Council of Philosophical Research 36, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, (Near Batra Hospital) Mehrauli Badarpur Road New Delhi – 110 062



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