International Conference on Environment & Sustainable Development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 10-12, 2017.

About the Conference :-

Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ), Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars and SDMIMD invite researchers, scholars, academicians, economists, environmentalists, accounting and finance professionals from across the globe to submit their abstracts/full papers/case studies at the upcoming conference which focuses on sustainable economic growth and development.

Sustainable Development!

Natural resources, environment and ecosystems should be preserved in order to ensure sustainable development and economic growth in the long-run. Economic development at the cost of natural resources would jeopardize the ecosystems causing innumerable hardship to everybody on the planet. So, as emphasized by the economists and environmentalists, it is good to safeguard the, ‘integrity, stability and beauty of the nature’.

Coordination among Different Segments Essential!

To preserve nature and ensure an orderly/sustainable economic development, the four important pillars, i.e., economics, ecology, politics and culture should work together. The cultural dimensions are also very imminent as health, well-being, gender and generation play a crucial role in shaping the future of the society.

The role of politics in ensuring sustainable development is critical as law, justice, security, ethics and accountability that are part of the politics and governance play a central role in shaping up the future of a society. Every decision should be made very carefully as flora, fauna, food, construction, settlements, energy and water too contribute to achieving the goals of a society.

Of course, the conference provides an ideal opportunity for you to present your research works, share your project experience and knowledge among the international delegates drawn from global academic community.

Important dates:-

Submission of abstract/ Full paper  :-  25th June,2017.

Communication of acceptance :- within 3 days .

Last date of registration :- 5th July.2017.

Conference Objectives:

Given the above backdrop, the upcoming conference in the great city of Kuala Lumpur would make an earnest attempt in order to achieve the following objectives:

a) examine the factors which contribute to creating a synergy among different institutions in order to achieve sustainable development in the interest of the citizens of a society;

b) throw deep insights into the emerging trends in research in the areas of sustainable development and growth and gather support from academicians and industry to focus on the welfare of people;

c) offer an ideal platform for researchers, economists, bankers and practitioners to share their research & practical experiences in all the major issues highlighted as above primarily in the areas of sustainable development and economic well-being of a society.

For further information :-

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