WOLA.com Advocacy for Human Right in the Amaricas

WOLA’s Internship Program is named in honor of Sally Yudelman for her commitment and contribution to WOLA and the cause of social justice. Following Sally’s example, we hope to provide unique mentoring opportunities through internships, encouraging the next generation of young people to get involved in advocating for human rights in Latin America. Our former interns can be found around the world working as human rights advocates, congressional aides, lawyers, journalists, professors, and even as members of WOLA’s senior staff.
Every semester, WOLA’s new interns are paired with staff mentors and absorbed into the work of the organization. They collaborate on a mix of research, analytical, and administrative work, and they are encouraged to get involved in the day-to-day activities of their teams.
WOLA selects seven undergraduate interns per session (Spring, Summer, and Fall), and each intern is assigned to a different program area—communications, fundraising, or one of the five policy programs. Interns also participate in the behind-the-scenes work of running a non-profit organization, including helping with technology, media, finance, and event planning.
For a look at former interns’ contributions to WOLA and personal reflections on the Yudelman Program, check out:
If you are selected for an internship, you will receive a $1,000 stipend from WOLA towards the end of your internship. A travel allowance is also provided. Internship stipends are not considered salary, they are awarded to help defray living expenses for an intern during their internship. Interns receive a financial summary at the end of each calendar year and are responsible for meeting their own state and federal tax obligations.
Approximately 30% of the internship is administrative in nature— helping with clerical needs, or working on a specific task. All other time is spent on substantive work. Interns are required to work 24-40 hours per week. We offer an academically and professional enriching environment for interns to learn and grow. WOLA is willing to work with students to arrange for university credit.
Interested applicants should have a demonstrated interest in human rights, democracy, and social justice in Latin America; initiative and flexibility; the ability to work in a fast-paced environment; good organizational skills; follow-through; and attention to detail. Motivated, self-starting interns excel at WOLA. A minimum of intermediate-advanced Spanish proficiency is required. Technical skills are highly desired.
Latin American and minority students are encouraged to apply. In general, the Yudelman Internship Program is not open to students who have passed beyond their undergraduate studies due to its significant administrative component. WOLA does not sponsor visas for students outside of the United States.
In order to be considered for an internship, WOLA needs the following materials:
1) Resume. 
2) Cover letter in which you state:
Your specific dates of availability.

Your willingness to work at least 24 hours per week.

Your internship preference (fundraising, communications, or foreign policy).

Why you want to intern at WOLA, an idea of your specific interests regarding Latin America, and your Spanish language abilities.

3) The names of 2 references with email addresses and daytime phone numbers. Contact information is preferred over written letters of recommendation.
4) Writing sample (no more than 2 pages) in English on a topic of your choice.
All WOLA internships take place in Washington, DC. 
Please submit all application materials via email to Larissa Ong at internapp@wola.org.
March 15: Summer Internship (late May through August)

July 15: Fall Internship (mid-September through December)

November 15: Spring Internship (mid-January through May


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