Online Internship and Research work for Law


• A38 Journal of International Law

The A38 Journal of International Law (ISSN 2277-9361) is a quarterly academic journal, published online, that seeks to provide an international forum for the publication of articles in the field of International Law.


The journal offers blogging internship for 3 months as per the following schedule:

August to October:                                      Apply between 1 to 20 July.
November to January:                                Apply between 1 to 20 October.
February to April:                                         Apply between 1 to 20 January.
May to July:                                                   Apply between 1 to 20 April.

For additional details, click here.


• Alexis Centre for Public Policy and Relations

Alexis Centre for Public Policy & International Relations (CPPIR) is established as one of the Centres for Excellence of Alexis Society. The centre carries on various consultation practises on various bills and legislations of Indian government and United Nations organisations to assist Alexis Society.


The Centre typically offers internships in the months of June & July.

Deadline to apply: May 25 [tentative]

Keep visiting the Centre’s website for their Research Internship Programmes.

For additional details, click here.


• Centre for Environmental Law, Policy and Development

Centre for Environmental Law, Policy and Development is an organisation that aims to nurture environmental activism in India and foster policy oriented research in the fields of access to water, sanitation, biodiversity, sustainable development and climate change.


They do not have an active internship programme at the moment. However, keep visiting the Centre’s website for any new internship announcements.

For additional details, click here.


• FeminIjtihad

FeminIjtihad (translated as the ‘critical thinking’ of gender-related laws and notions) is a research initiative designed to provide Muslim women activists and NGO’s with the discursive and informational tools on Muslim women’s rights through the dissemination of accessible scholarship in the form of easy-to-read summaries, reflective questions, and briefs.


FeminIjtihad offers online research internships usually in the month of November for a period of 3 months [tentative].  Keep visiting their website for any new internship announcements.

For additional details, click here.


• Increasing Diversity by Increasing– Access to Legal Education [IDIA]

Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access, or IDIA, is a nationwide programme for training talented students from marginalized and under-represented parts of India for admission to the best national law schools in the country.The work at IDIA is mainly handledby students from law school at India who are organised into chapters under various team leaders. There are local chapters, state chapters and All India chapters.


IDIA does not have an active internship programme but students can apply to volunteer at its various state chapters.

For additional details, click here.


• Indian Case Laws

Indian Case Laws is an online legal web resource that provides summaries of all the important and authoritative judgements. They mainly focus on the summaries of landmark cases on Contract Laws and Company Laws.


Indian Case Laws provides online internship to all undergraduate and postgraduate law students and research scholars throughout the year.

For additional details, click here.


• National Judicial Academy, Bhopal

National Judicial Academy is an Indian government-funded training institute primarily for Judicial Officers, working in the Supreme Court and the High Courts, during their service.NJA’s mission is to enhance timely justice, focusing on delay and arrears reduction (DAR) and enhancing the quality and responsiveness of justice (QRJ).


The National Judicial Academy invites application for part-time (non-residential) internships from students of 5 year LL.B programmes who are not required to be in residence, and can work from their place of study. Applicants are required to send their applications through their college/university/law school.

For additional details, click here.


• Nishith Desai Associates

Nishith Desai Associates is an innovative law firm which has a leading expert status in its chosen verticals of funds and tax. With a team of bright young lawyers, the firm combines a multi-disciplinary practice with research and development.


Nishith Desai Associates have an Online Internship programme called ‘Vol-intern’ which was launched way back in 2006, and is surprisingly still active.

For more information on the programme, click here 

Go to the official site and then apply for any of the internship by click this link👇👇👇👇👇👇

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