4th National Level Moot Court Competition@ Shehadripuram Law College, Bengaluru 



 #1, Govinda Rao Street, 1st Main, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru- 560020 

 Competition Date & Venue: 

 Date   : 8th to 10th September, 2017.  

Venue: Seshadripuram Law College, #1 Govinda Rao Street, 1st Main, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru -560020.  

 Dress Code:  

 Ladies : White shirt & Black trousers/Salwar kurta, Black tie, Black coat and Black shoes. 

Gentlemen: White shirt & Black trousers, Black tie, Black coat and Black shoes. 


 The Competition shall be in English. 


 The Competition is open only for law students. Participants should be currently pursuing their bachelor’s degree in law (3yr/5 yr).  

  Team Composition:  

 a. Each team shall consist of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 members. This number cannot be modified under any circumstances.  

 b. There can be only 2 speakers and 1 researcher designated in each team. Teams shall identify such speakers and researcher during registration.  

 c. Each team will have a Team Code and each participant shall be given an Individual Code. Teams shall not disclose their identity or that of their institution or city, etc.; such disclosure shall invite penalties including disqualification. The decision for the same shall be at the sole discretion of the Seshadripuram Law College.  

  Registration Fee:  

 The Participating team for the Competition shall duly fill the Registration Form provided and send it along with the Registration fee of Rs. 2,000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) which shall be not refundable.  

The Registration fees shall be sent through Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Principal, Seshadripuram Law College, Bengaluru” payable at Bengaluru. 


 Any communication should be sent in case of participating law students on the respective College Letter head duly signed by the Principal and addressed to the Principal, Seshadripuram Law College, #1 Govinda Rao Street, 1st Main, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru-560020, and a copy by e-mail to slcb.moot2017@gmail.com,  marked as SESHADRIPURAM LAW COLLEGE, 4th NATIONAL LEVEL MOOT COMPETITION-2017 REGISTRATION as the subject.  
4th National Level Moot Court Problem-2017  

Ensuring a proper, effective and conducive educational system is high priority for the State of Dharmalok. Dharmalok is a country: it’s social, legal, cultural, economic conditions and systems are similar to that of India.  

 In Dharmalok, educational rights are recognized as fundamental rights under the Constitution of Dharmalok including the rights of minority based on religion or language to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice and certain aspects pertaining to education are also provided in the Directive Principles of State Policy. 

The educational institutions must have recognition or affiliation for which State makes adequate law that also contained the threshold aspects on prescribing age, qualifications and syllabus and so on and so forth. Such law affected the private and minority institutions of Dharmalok as it allowed interference of State in it’s nominations to such institutions, prescribing the fees, recruitment, conducting entrance examination, reservation of seats, counselling during admission (including professional education) for the private (aided and unaided) and minority institutions. 

 The Dharmalok private and minority institutions that impart quality modern education consider this move by the State as affecting their autonomy, independence and rights provided under the Dharmalok Constitution. 

 The private and minority institutions form an association to represent their concerns and approach by way of writ before the Supreme Court of Dharmalok. The association seeks to strike down the law that enables interference of States in the affairs of activities of the educational institutions and to declare such law as unconstitutional because such law imposed unreasonable restrictions and infringes fundamental rights of the private and minority institutions. The State defends it’s move claiming that the law imposed only reasonable restrictions and they do not violate the rights of the institutions or association under the Dharmalok Constitution, as fundamental rights are not absolute. 

 The apex court admitted the said Writ Petition and the matter is now posted for final arguments. 

NOTE: Download the problem copy, rules & regulations, Registration Form and 

Travel Form from the college website-   http://www.spmlawcollege.ac.in 

Accommodation, Food and Transport: 


a. Accommodation, food and transport facilities between the hotel and the competition venue to the participating teams will be provided by Seshadripuram Law College from 8th September, 2017 morning to 11th September, 2017 morning based on the prior travel forms submitted and accepted by the Seshadripuram Law College. Those teams who want to stay after 11th September, 2014 morning have to bear the expenses for their accommodation, food and transport facilities.  

b. All teams shall send their travel plan along with the filled Registration form prior to their arrival. All participants may be picked from the respective Bus/ Railway station by Seshadripuram Law College representatives and dropped back to the same place after the Competition.  

Note: The participants arriving by flight should make their own arrangements. No pick up and drop facility shall be provided. 

c. The participating teams should send along with the travel plan, the contact numbers of the Head of Institution, Faculty Co-ordinator and Participants. 


d. Registration Form, all Memorials copies and Travel plan should be sent to the following address: 


The Principal, 

Seshadripuram Law College, 

 #1 Govinda Rao Street, 

1st Main, Seshadripuram  

 Bengaluru -560020  

Tel: 080-22955367 

          E mail: slcb.moot2017@gmail.com 

NOTE: Accommodation & Transport facilities shall not be provided to the Teams from Bengaluru. 


 1. The Seshadripuram Law College with regard to the interpretation of these rules or any other matter related to the Competition will be final and binding and reserve sole discretion to make any changes thereto.   

 2. If there is any situation which is not contemplated in the rules, the Seshadripuram Law College decision on the same shall be final and binding.  

 3. The Seshadripuram Law College reserves the right to vary, alter, modify or repeal any of the above rules without any prior notification, if so required and as they may deem appropriate.  

 4. Any clarifications/queries regarding the Competition can be sought from: 


Name : Prof. Roopa.S 

Phone : +91 9900 910019  

E-mail : roopa.kirann@gmail.com  


 1. Notwithstanding anything stated in these rules, the Competition is the only responsibility of Seshadripuram Law College and they shall not be legally or otherwise liable or responsible for any matter or dispute arising outside the Competition.  


2. All facts in the moot problem are fictitious and any resemblance to any incident or person, if any, is not intended, but merely co-incidental and should be relied as it is.  


 Last Date of Registration along with Demand Draft 14th August, 2017 

Last Date of the Memorial Submission 

(1-1 hard copy of Petitioner & 

Respondent each) 26th August, 2017 

Six (6) hard copies of each of the memorials for both sides + a soft copy on CD (both memorials on the same CD) 8th September, 2017 

Competition Dates   8th to 10th September, 2017 

ForFurther details open the link- 


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