Internship at Adore India

​Adore India is a network of University Students and young professionals who motivate schools children. Adore India does not seek any donation or provide funds for any activities.
Adore India volunteers are selfless and committed youngsters who dedicate few hours per week to interact with and motivate youngsters.Adore India volunteering is expected to provide a volunteer, an opportunity to augment confidence, personality and responsibility along with leadership skills.
Youth who want to join as an intern may go through these norms
Full-time volunteering (Internship) is provided to students who can commit 030-40 hrs per week for a period of two to four months.  There is no stipend Can apply for a certificate. However, to be eligible for a certificate, volunteers must have have worked for 240 hrs or more and also conducted several sessions fruitfully. We do not want students to associate with us just for the sake of a certificateInternship (Full-time volunteering) work includes all or some of these activities:Conducting interactive sessions with school students in and around the city.Conducting surveys and awareness campaigns on various issues related to youth and society.Involving other volunteers in their activities and also participate in ongoing activitiesReaching out to various schools in and around the city and explain Adore India program and seek participation.Reaching out to college students and explain to them the Adore India program.Implementing some of the ongoing programs of Adore India in the citySocial Media promotion and content developmentOther related activities which fulfill the objectives of Adore India.Interns are required to provide a report of work done, in prescribed format, on each day of working. They  are guided over phone/email etc and hence communication should be continuous. Internships are available in all major cities of India  and capital of other countries.Students, desiring to Intern with Adore India, must go through the website, understand the concept and be interested in working as a volunteer in the long run. They can either apply for volunteering right in the beginning or during internship period. They also need to conduct few activities, before applying for full-time Volunteering (internship). This will help them understand the objectives and process.On approval of internship, an application form will be issued which needs to be duly filled in along with the necessary documents and sent by post.“Letter of Introduction” in PDF format is issued  and other resources are provided. Also, Interns may be added to the relevant WhatsApp Groups and get introduced with existing local volunteers.Only serious, committed, sincere and hard-working students need to apply for internship.
 For any more queries, feel free to contact us via phone/WhatsApp/email. 8620886744, 9830089210 or  

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