Shweta Sharma the paraathelete. 

She is an true inspiration, an international medalist. We are glad to share her story wid you all. 

1.How did u decided to choose paraathelete as your career? 

I was not in sports line from childhood, from beginning my interest was in arts and crafts . Before marraige I was a teacher of arts and crafts in school and colleges. Then I got marraied and afterwards my two child borned, but unfortunately we can came up with several issues in our marriage and i got seprated from my husband, then I decided to came back at my parents home at that time I was having nothing to do because after marriage I left arts and craft also,  I got stuck with the puzles of my life. Then all of sudden, I came to know about para sports where the people like me can participate. And how this became a turning point for my life. Therefore I decided to choose paraathelete as my career. 

2.What difficulties you faced initially when you came jn the field of sports and how you overcome it? 
When I came in the field of the sports, I was unkown to everything and in field like sports we should have knowledge,  equipments,  full information,  but my financial was not good,  that I could arrange things for me. So, it was the most difficult thing for me to cope with my financial problems. I was already having the responsibility of two childs,  but because of my freinds and Geeta Malik(para player, international medalist),  I started taking training in youtube with help of my friends. After these several issues come but because  with support of public,  I played my first national in 2016 and i took part in shotput and javelins and i got one gold and one silver. 

3. Did you get the supports from you parents and society when they come to know that you want to be a sportsperson? 

Intially it was shocking for everyone beacuse i was never involved in a field of sports before. And my parents was asking me to think again for it, as at that time very few people were aware about para sports,  they were like how you will manage the things,  how will you go,  you have kids too how can you live them alone,  what about the finance and its a long process,  and all and all. But when I got my gold l, things got change i started getting suport from my parents and society. And the one of the important reason of my sucess is public support. 

4. Any incident, experience you wpuld like to share wirh us? 

This journey was very difficult for me, but though even I was determined. I came uo with many problems in my life amd soo much if difficulties,  but my love for my kids took me here todatoday.  I wanna to set myself to be an example for my child.  I did power lifting and i got partial tear in my back, doctor ask me to leave this otherwise I will lose my hand. Then i got selected in international match at China,  but i was not able to go because of financial conditions, i left all hope but I got arrangements from a NGO and i got first international medal. 

5. What massage you want to give to women’s all around the nation so that they can also proceed towards their goals. 

Foe everything we should have determination and hope that we should always kee. If a girl like me can do then anyone can. I was having several problems but still I am fighting and I will always,  everyone should keep this spirit. And we women’s are very strong we can do everything. 

You can no more about her just go through her page.

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