International Conference on Law and Justice (ICLJ), 7th-8th November 2017;Jakarta, Indonesia.

 About :-

Good Governance has been a crucial issue in the world today particularly once people discuss human rights and democracy. It concerns with: transparency, accountability, justice, fairness and participation. Among democratic countries, this concept has long been practiced and strengthens human participation and social life in general.


The main objective of this conference is to bring together academics, researchers, practitioners, students and other groups whose interests are in the issues of good governance and human rights to share their works and experiences in relation to the topics. In addition to disseminating thoughts and research findings, the conference is also intended to strengthen networking and collaboration among participants.

Significance :-

The benefits to be obtained from this international conference are:
1. The exchange of knowledge between academics, researchers, practitioners, and students in the field of law and human rights;
2. The establishment collaborative research on the issues of good governance and human rights, particularly for the context of Islamic higher education institutions;
3. Publication of scholarly works in Scopus-indexed proceeding;
4. Strengthening UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta as one of the leading Islamic universities in the Southeast Asia.


Theme : – Good Governance and Human Rights in Muslim Countries

Specific Instructions to Authors :-

Margin – Manuscripts must be in single spacing, font size 12 in Times New Roman and all margins: 1.5 inches (left) and 1 inch (top, right and bottom).

Length – Manuscripts are MAX 10 PAGES (including references, attachments, tables and graphical information).

Tables – must be placed as part of the text. DO NOT attach tables at the end of the manuscript.

Software – Manuscript must be submitted in MS Word form ONLY.

Title – Written in uppercase, bold, size 14 and centered.

Author/s – Name, address, email and contact number of all authors, font 12, Times.

Abstract – between 250-350 words “Times New Roman” size 12.

Keywords – should not more than FIVE keywords.

Title/sub-title – Written in uppercase, bold, size 12 and left margin.

Tables/ Figures – title of the tables/figure should be written on the top of the tables/figure. Times New Roman, font 12, Bold, lower case, centered.

Reference – Should be in the last part of the article (before any attachments/appendixes), in alphabetical order, according to American Psychological Association (APA) style.

Submission guidelines :-

1. Create new account (top menu Register )
2. Check your email and activate your account
3. Login to your account (top menu Login )
4. Submit your abstracts (as many titles as you want)
5. Wait until the committee announce the abstract review result
6. After announcement of abstract acceptance, make the payment and upload the payment proof through our online system (NOT EMAIL)
7. After your payment is confirmed, upload your full paper MAX 10 PAGES
8. Wait until the committee announce the paper review result
9. Revise your paper according to the review, and upload it through our online system (NOT EMAIL
10. Wait for the final announcement of paper acceptance for publication.


For more information :-

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