Call For Papers: Amity Law Review, 2017

Amity Law Review

(A Peer Reviewed/Refereed journal)

Amity Law School, Delhi invites papers for Amity Law Review-2017.Amity Law Review is an academic journal for Law and allied subjects. All manuscripts on topics of contemporary relevance are considered for publication. The journal is having ISSN 2249-2232. It is published annually.
Only those manuscripts which are approved by the Editorial Board and are as per submission guidelines will be considered for publication. Submission guidelines are annexed herewith.

ABSTRACT: All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract of about 200 words outlining the central theme (s) of the paper.

COPYRIGHT: Authors shall wanant that the papers submitted for publication do not infringe the copyright of any other person. Except agreed otherwise, the copyright of the Articles published shall vest with the publisher, viz., the Amity Law School, Delhi. However, Amity Law School shall not be liable for any copyright infringement by the authors.

COVER PAGE: In order to facilitate anonymity, authors must mention their names, contact details and affiliations only on the cover page of the manuscript.

ENGLISH: Follow British spellings and punctuation conventions.

FONT SIZE AND STYLE: Kindly use Times New Roman, 12 point, for the main text and 10 point for footnotes.

HEADINGS: The headings should be used as per the following style:

o First heading: 12pt, bold, centre

o Second heading: 12pt, bold, left-aligned o Third heading: 12pt, italics, centre

LENGTH: Articles should generally be between 8,000 and 10,000 words (including footnotes. Notes, Case Comments and Book Reviews should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. The Editors may, however, accept longer submissions in appropriate cases.

LINE SPACING: The line spacing of main text of paper should be 1.5.

REFERENCES: Footnotes should be used and not endnotes.


o Books: Name of the author, Title of the book (in italics), Edition (if any), Name of the Publisher, Place of publication, Year, Page no; o Articles: Name of the author, Title (in double quotes), Name of the journal, Volume, Year, Page No. (Otherwise the mode of citation provided in the journal itself); o Online Sources: Name of the author, Title (books in italics, article in double quotes), Edition, publisher, place, year for books/name of the journal in italics, volume, year, page no for articles, Available at <http…..>, (viewed on. 

REVIEW PROCESS: First, the submitted papers shall be tested through plagiarism software, and then the papers coming within permissible limit of similarity index will be reviewed by peer reviewed team. Finally the editorial board will give its approval. Authors will be notified within 4-6 weeks about the status of their papers. Request for expedited review may not be entertained.


CONTENT: Papers should contain an original contribution to scholarship by making a cohesive argument supported with appropriate authorities.

QUOTATIONS/QUOTATION MARK: Quotations over 50 words should be indented. Double quotation marks should be used; single quotation marks should be used only for quotes within a quotation.

PLAGIARISM: The paper would be published only after standard plagiarism test. The authors are also requested to attach an undertaking of originality attached to this document as Annex I.

COMPLEMENTARY COPIES: All authors will be provided 3 complementary copies of the issue in which their paper appears.

Note: – Kindly send your articles through e-mail:

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