Life is not over yet by Charu Nema, CNLU (Must Read for 1st Year Students).


CLAT 2017 takers, this article is for you guys to make you realize that clat is not the end of the world. Yes, I agree though, it is important, certainly very important as a foundation stone for your future endeavours, but it is not everything that is needed to provide great heights to your future. I am not saying this to console you guys, or because I got a national law university , or more importantly because I am from the university which conducted CLAT 2017. But it is because I have been through all the mayhem
and chaos with which you people are going through right now.

Let me tell you my story. I decided to do a crash course for CLAT 2014 of one month after my class 12 examination. My rank was 2518 In CLAT, 124 in AILET and 29 in Symbiosis Entrance Test . With the clat rank I was able to get last 2 or 3 NLUs in vacancy . I thought if I was able to get them with a crash  course ,I can get much better nlu if I give it a try next year. Thus, I dropped my idea of taking admission in Nirma, Symbiosis Noida and last two NLU’s inspite of the risk in taking drop of one year. I did self study throughout the year without any regular coaching and gave online tests. As clat 2015 was approaching closer, I again joined a crash course to feel the air of competition. On the day of the exam I was filled with a mixed bag of feelings, but I was confident as I scored pretty well in mock tests. Clat 2015 was conducted by RMLNLU. That Clat brought a series of law suits on RMLNLU as that year cut off was very low, paper was full of errors and even there were mistakes in the allotment list . My rank was 1024 and I was totally shattered. I remember the days when I was preparing for the exam and was thinking of getting rank under 100. At that juncture all seemed a joke. I got NLIU in the first list in obc state domicile quota and was very happy because after all that mayhem this was like the last hope for me. After locking NLIU , I contacted all my school seniors and friends who were studying in NLIU, found every possible details about the campus, mess, hostel, atmosphere, opportunities and what not. In the second list suddenly I saw my college has changed to NLU tiruchirappalli even after locking NLIU. I was completely shocked. All this happened because NLIU has changed its reservation policy and RMLNLU wrongly applied last year’s reservation. This happened with 17 clat takers including me. Now NLIU was blaming RML and RML was blaming NLIU but we 17 students were getting pulverized between all this. I also lost my upgradation chance in first list as I locked NLIU. In last list I got CNLU. I was not at all happy with this. I applied in vacancy everywhere and 24*7 my eyes were on the laptop in the hope of selection in one of them. One day I just put off my eyes from the laptop because they were tired too. On the same day I missed the notification of my selection in HNLU in vacancy for which I had to reply within 24 hrs. Even after keeping my eyes 24*7 on the laptop I missed that opportunity because of that one day on which I decided to take rest from the mayhem of CLAT 2015.

Finally I landed up in CNLU . I told you guys my story just to make u realize that it is not only CLAT 2017 that has messed up, it is not only you who are suffering from all the mayhem and it is not only you who is surrounded by misfortune and finally it is not the state or city to be blamed upon. What is happening in clat 2017 which is conducted by CNLU, Patna , same has happened in CLAT 2015 conducted by RMLNLU, Lucknow. So it is not the state or city to be blamed upon, because RMLNLU is situated in Lucknow and Cnlu is situated in Patna and both of them did almost the same mistakes. RMLNLU is just an example. Clat has a history of bad conduction of examination. I am not here to defend any college but let me tell you that the Clat committee include members of all NLUs ,so blaming one university for all the turmoil is little unfair. So trust me friends it is not because it is Patna. I know the image that you people are having regarding Patna, as I was having the same image before entering here and Bihar Board exams contributed to make it worse. Now I have completed my two precious years in cnlu and I just want to tell you that please don’t judge a NLU with the name of a place. CNLU has an identity as an NLU with people of different state apart from the identity which everyone focuses upon i.e the locality. Sorry friends I swayed away from the purpose of my article due to my love for my University. But I am here to tell you that after getting CNLU after the whole clat mayhem I realized that it is not the college only to build your career. It is totally depend upon what you do in these five years of law school, what opportunities you grab, how you make use of the exposure you are getting, what you aim to do after the five years of a law college.

Friends many people are there who are not satisfied even after getting high rank NLUs .This is because everyone has dreamt of getting NLSIU Bangalore. But it is a fact guys that everyone cannot get it and it is also a fact that everyone who got NLSIU has not booked his place for company’s placement. I know college is important , but more important is this that how you invest yourfive years in that college. Any random law college student can beat NLU students in competitive exams like-judiciary, exams for post graduation etc. I have seen many low ranking law colleges students getting better job than high rank law colleges. I am not here to tell you that college is not important. But I am here to tell you that it is not everything. It is not the end of the world. Every college has the opportunities which can compel you to work 24*7 if you are good enough to grab them. After entering in college I realize that many people are there who are free and not doing anything but many are there who are not even having a single minute to waste as they are making use of every opportunity they are getting. These people are getting what they could get if they were in the high rank NLU. So CLAT 2017 takers take a deep breath, don’t underestimate yourself, stop cursing the luck and be ready to make your way to your ultimate goal for any college you are getting admission in. Be it a high rank NLU, low rank NLU, GLC Mumbai, ILS Pune, Symbiosis Law Schools, Amity Law College , Narsee Monjee, Christ , UPES and other public and private universities. If you are determined and hardworking enough to work for your goal you will definitely rock with flying colours.

Note :- This Article is  written by Charu Nema, a 3rd year student of Chanakya National Law University, Patna.

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