Internship Experience @Monika Arora Advocate, Central Government Standing Counsel, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India.

Intern Details

Name: Ashish Badoni

College: School of Law, Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun, India.


Mobile No: 9997685128

Name of the Organisation, City




PHONE NO: 011-26692421,

MOBILE NO: 9810246300



1-July-2017 to  17-July-2017. Timings were 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. You might be called on Saturdays to the lawyer’s chamber.

There were rarely times where any intern was asked to stay back late. In that way, the Court’s environment was comfortable and relaxed.

Application Process

I approached one of My well known Faculty of School of Law, Graphic Era Hill University, Mr. Avnish Bhatt.  I sent an e-mail to him with my CV attached.

First Impression

The first day I reached the High Court office a bit early at 9:45 am since I didn’t know what time the interns were supposed to arrive at. I was made to sit in the plush chamber of my lawyer under whom I was interning. Peeking around, I saw that the chamber was spacious and uncluttered which gave a good sense right at the start.

At 10:00 we met with Mrs. Monika Arora the Central Government Counsel of High Court. A cheerful Woman full of enthusiasm, She showed me to my desk and asked me to be comfortable.

Once all the interns were settled and allotted workstations, we were introduced to each person in the chamber which was a nice way to know the names of everyone (which didn’t take long considering as there weren’t a lot of people in that particular chamber).

We even had a little tour of the Court where we were shown the Court rooms, the proceedings, Judges, victims, criminals etc.

Main Task

The tasks assigned to the Interns were primarily case study and research based tasks.

They were mostly issue based research tasks although some times you would get fact based research where the lawyer would give you the fact scenario and you had to answer certain questions based on those facts.

There was, however, no due diligence based work for the interns that was allotted during the time I was there.

The main area of the lawyer under whom I was interning was Criminal law and cases relating to it although he took up various other type of cases as well. Also, he used to take up cases of JNU

Tasks also included researching on recent case law pertaining to certain judicial questions.

These were generally a bit tougher since the research questions would not classify as conventional research questions.

Thus, one had to be very ingenius and creative in the way one phrased their search parameters on databases. This was more challenging than issue based research, however, finding that one elusive case that satisfied the question was a thrilling experience (which generally resulted in a silent air fist).

What the lawyer looked for were not pages of research and case laws, rather he looked for precise statements of the existing laws and how well one could answer the question asked.

The focus always remained on the question that was asked and what was expected. What he look for is a clear picture of the law and rules in a concise and coherent note.


I stay in Hotel Satya International near Pharganj. There are a lot of PG’s one can look for. Finding a PG isn’t very difficult and not very expensive as well.


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