Indian National Bar Association is organizing a National Panel Discussion on the issue of mob lynching in India titled INDIAN NATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION MEET (INBAM) on 15th September.

In the current timeline of the political and popular culture of the Indian society, we witness a variety of contradictions. Every Indian is opinionated & our differences have reached the zenith. Despite our argumentative tradition of thousands of years, our present argumentative conduct has been nothing to be proud of.

The battle of opinions, have sadly not just been fought with brave ideas. Instead, our countrymen took refuge in the shield of intolerant cowardice to tragically stop those they found different from them. And our legal system continues to struggle to save human lives.

Under the circumstances, in this event of defiance against injustice and killings, the Indian National Bar Association, is arranging a National Panel Discussion, titled, “The Indian National Bar Association Meet (INBAM)”, in order to address the need to immediately address the issue of mob lynching in India.

Format: The discussion shall be in the form of a panel discussion where, speakers are expected to interact and discuss opinions and suggestions. They shall debate the key issues and analyze the current situation in the background of the ridiculously increasing instances of lynching in India.

Finally, the panel shall prepare a draft legislation to present to the judge’s panel, based on the suggestions that emerge out of the discussion.

Marking: The speakers shall be judged on the basis of their clarity of thought, originality of thinking, ability to solve problems, crisis resolution and team work.

Applications: Interested candidates kindly can send their applications by sending us a brief write-up on their proposed piece of legislature of about 200 words by September 07, 2017 and send us at   Contact: +91-96438189515

Selected candidates shall be invited to participate in the live panel discussion on September 15, 2017.

Venue: Constitution Club of India

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