Training Programe on Law, Religion, Spirituality and Justice (16-17 September 2017) @ GNLU

A wonderful opportunity to learn something totally new in Law.

Training Program to show integration of Law, Religion, Spirituality & Justice.

Date: 16 & 17 September, 2017 at GNLU (Saturday & Sunday)

Why this Training Program (14 hrs)?

Till now, Law in Religion (Religious Laws) explored legal protection of Rights, Freedoms & Liberties (belief, faith & expression) arising out of religion (culture & institution) through Constitutional Law & State legal systems.

This Training Program now is for the first time in legal academics (using Trans-disciplinary & Integral Method):

  • Where law & legal systems are going to learn from religion & spirituality,
  • What legal reasoning & logic can learn from religion & spirituality,
  • How does spirituality contribute in prevention of crimes & violations,
  • When true Justice, Equality, Liberty, Freedom & Fraternity are attained.
  • What is the Training Outcome?

  • Theoretical integration of law, religion, spirituality & justice. 
  • Practical Model for State legal system to understand why violations take place & how to prevent crime & preserve justice.
  • Would you like to contribute to createnew society of justice with peaceprogress & prosperity for everyone? 

    Register before 14 September 2017 (Two-steps):

     1. Make Payment Online:  

    2. Submit Registration Online:

    For more details open the link

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