9th CNLU Parliamentary Debate 


After two days of riveting debating with debaters who employ every weapon in their respective arsenals to take the trophy home, a night to unwind and recharge is very essential and what better way to do so than in our break night party! 
The #9thCNLUPD promises a fun filled music-induced mania to let go of all the debate frustrations and have a fabulous time! We promise it will be an amazing gala- with ecstasy enough to celebrate your victories and weed out your sorrows. Held in the sprawling Green lawns of CNLU, replete with Green Grass, beneath the beautiful starry nightsky, get ready to perceive time a little slowly, and sway with the tunes in the magical glow of deceptive lights. No shoulders will droop, and spirits will always be high.
Pack your party clothes, and don’t bother keeping your water-bottles; we will have a lot of water to take care of the cotton mouths. And, of course, as an antidote to the consequent increased appetite, the Orgcom shall be ready with platters full of sumptuous food to cater to your taste buds. So whether you are looking forward to socialize with your crush, or rolling to amazing music, or just enjoy an amazing dinner beneath the starry skies with gentle winds caressing your face, our Break Night offers it all.
What are you waiting for? Register- 

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