Call for Papers: National Seminar on Demonetization and Digitisation of Indian Economy @ NEHU, Shillong [Nov 27-28]: Submit by Oct 10.

About the Seminar 

A sensational application of demonetization in India as on 8th November, 2016, when Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in his address to the nation, shook the country by announcing the withdrawal of ₹500 and ₹1000 currency notes as legal tender w.e.f 9th November, 2016. The event has been viewed as a master stroke against black money which according to an estimate was in between 10-40% of national GDP.

Until this, the Government’s struggle against black money in the form of various measures did not yield any tangible results. Besides elimination of black money from the economy, the other objectives of this announcement as claimed include curbing corruption, counterfeiting terror funding and a push towards digital economy.

However, the currency in circulation which was previously at ₹17.52 lakh crore fell to a level of ₹2.81 lakh crore after demonetization reportedly created a mess in the country for more time since 68% of the transactions in the economy were on cash basis.

Many critics claim argue that demonetization is not the solution to black money as it will only catch the dumb goats and the black sheep will jump the fence by any means. With regard to reduction of inflationary pressure, many economists argue that black money is anti-inflationary in nature as its velocity of circulation is much lower than the white money.

Moreover, transition to a digital economy is a challenging task as it requires strengthening of banking industry, improvement of basic infrastructure, change in consumer behaviour, stepping up of financial literacy, etc.

Many opine that digitization of cash transactions cannot substitute cash. Now the question arises: Does demonetization magically transform India into a cashless pioneer and create a blueprint for other countries? The benefits as claimed by the Government require wide range of debate and discussion, not only at different hierarchical levels in the government but also amongst the members of the civil society including academicians, researchers, policy makers, practitioners and industrialists.

In this backdrop, the Department of Commerce, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong is organising a National Seminar on the theme “Demonetization and its impact on Indian Economy” on November 27-28, 2017 in order to provide a platform for debate and discussion.

Call for Papers

Papers are invited in the following themes/sub-themes.

  1. Demonetization and Black Money
  2. Demonetization and its impact on Economic Activity
    • Industry and Trade
    • E-Commerce
    • Human Resources
  3. Demonetization and its impact on Rural Economy
    • Rural areas
    • Offline Retailers
    • Innovative Technologies
  4. Demonetization vis-a-vis Digital/Virtual Economy
    • Ecomonic Growth and Job Opportunities
    • Emerging Trends, Issues and Challenges
    • Network Security and Internet Media

Paper Submission Guidelines

Abstracts accompanied with keywords and full papers complete in a respects should be typed in double space with font size 12 in Times New Roman.

Authors are required to comply with APA style of referencing only and submission must be in MS-Word format.

Abstracts and papers are to be submitted on

High quality papers may be considered for publication with ISBN no.

Important Dates

Submission of abstract: October 10, 2017

Submission of full paper and registration: November 15, 2017


The registration form is given here.

The filled registration form may be sent as a scanned copy to the conference email ID 

Registration fee may be remitted to current account number: 36279906237 in the name of Head, Department of Commerce, NEHU with SBI, NEHU Branch, Shillong, IFSC Code: SBIN0004295.

The fees are as follows.

  • Delegates from Industry, Academia, Government, R&D Institutions and non-profit organisations: ₹1000.
  • Research Scholars and Students: ₹500.


Dr. K. C. Kabra, Associate Professor and Seminar Co-ordinator, Dept of Commerce, NEHU, Shillong. M: 09436309498. Email:

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