Call For Papers: Delhi Metropolitan Education Journal Of Legal Studies (DMEJLS)

Delhi Metropolitan Education Journal of Legal Studies

To contribute to research in the field of law, *DME* in association
with *Eastern Book Company*, *Lucknow* will publish a *bi-annual, peer
reviewed and a
refereed Journal *to be called as, *“DME Journal of Legal Studies”
(DMEJLS).* The Journal will provide an excellent academic platform to
academicians and law practitioners across the world to showcase their
research. The journal will focus on the latest and internationally relevant
themes and issues in the field of law and invites well crafted articles and
book reviews from academicians, advocates and research scholars.

Objective of the Journal-

To promote and encourage, especially Law Scholars and Professionals, to take active part in research and get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of Law. To promote cooperation in the pursuit of knowledge in general and exchange ideas in the field of Indian and International Law in particular.

About the Journal-

The Delhi Metropolitan Education Journal of Legal Studies (DMEJLS) is a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary academic annual law journal focusing on various law issues in world as analysed by lawyers, economists, political scientists and others drawn from throughout the continent and the world. The journal, which is initiated by the DME School of Legal Studies aims to serve as the leading forum for the thoughtful and scholarly engagement of a broad range of complex issues at the intersection of law, public policy and social change in world.

DMEJLS places emphasis on presenting a diversity of perspectives on fundamental, long-term, systemic problems of human rights and governance, as well as emerging issues, and possible solutions to them. Towards this end, DMEJLS encourages critical reflections that are based on empirical observations and experience as well as theoretical and multi-disciplinary approaches.

It is hoped that articles appearing in the journal will influence public policy in India by providing original, useful and timely critiques of legislation, judicial decisions, law reform and other domestic and foreign policy measures that impact on the daily lives of ordinary India. In addition to articles, the journal welcomes reports on recent conferences, workshops and seminars as well as books for review and lists of recent publications.

Members of the Editorial Board-


    1. Patron-in-Chief: Mr. Vipin Sahni, Chairman, Delhi Metropolitan Education.


    1. Chief Advisor: Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General, Delhi Metropolitan Education.


    1. Advisor: Mr. Dr. Prof. Vikram Dutt, Principal Academics, Delhi Metropolitan Education.


    1. Editor In Chief Dr. Prof. Rama Sharma, Head of the Department of Law, Delhi Metropolitan Education.


    1. Associate Editor Mr. Rupendra Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Delhi Metropolitan Education.


    1. Assistant Editors

  Mr. Gautam Gupta, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Delhi Metropolitan Education.

 Ms. Maitrayee Bordoloi, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Delhi Metropolitan Education.

  • Ms. Richa Krishan, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Delhi Metropolitan Education.
  • Ms. Neha Pandey, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Delhi



The theme selected but not confined for the present issue of DMEJLS is Law and Social Justice.

       SUB THEMES:
  1. Social Justice and Allocation of Natural Resources
  2. Environment & Social Justice
  3. Health care and Social Justice
  4. Technology and Social Justice
  5. Education and Social Justice
  6. International Trade Regime and Social Justice
  7. Transparency and Social Justice
  8. Judicial Construction of Social Justice.



  1. TOPIC: The field of Law and Social Justice is such that is closely associated with Human and Social Welfare; hence the law dealing with this branch too needs to be updated constantly. The articles should be a study of the intricate relationship of law and Social Justice. The main focus shall be at the latest trends in the field of Law and Social Justice that are often creating problems in law.

Articles: 4000-5000 words

Case Comments: 2000-3000 words

Book Review:   1500- 2500 words

  1. ABSTRACT: The Article should also include an abstract of about 100- 150 words, which has to precede the article.

Academician, Practitioners, Researchers, Students and Other stakeholders working and interested in the field of Social justice are eligible to send in entries. Entries can be co-authored. However, a maximum of two authors per entry is allowed.

  1. CITATION STYLE: Standard Indian Legal Citation should be adhered to.
  2. FORMAT OF MAIN TEXT & THE FOOTNOTES: The Times New Roman font, in font size 12 is prescribed for all entries. Further, the footnotes shall be in font size 10 and in the Times New Roman font. A line spacing of 1.5 for the main text and 1.0 for footnotes should be followed. All submissions should be in doc or docx format, submissions in pdf shall not be accepted.
  3. DECLARATION: All articles being submitted are to be sent along with a duly filled Declaration, the format for which is being attached with this mail. The duly filled Declaration has to be scanned and sent on the email address mentioned below.

Last date for submission of articles: January 15, 2016

Last date for intimation of acceptance of articles: January 26, 2016.

  1. All entries are to be mailed latest by January 15, 2016 (11:59pm, IST)


  1. Kindly mail all queries for any requisite information to



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