Internship Opportunity @ Aam Aadmi Party Leadership & Skill Development Team: Applications Open.


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in collaboration with the in-house Research Cell & the Social Media Team are launching a unique, first of its kind internship opportunity, with the prime focus of generating future leaders for our country and impart first-hand exposure of Governance and issues related to it.

AAP is the fastest growing “Political Startup” of our country and aims to change the way politics has been carried out in our country since independence. Keeping this aim in mind, we have decided to bring and empower the “Aam Aadmi of India” in the political foray and thus giving an opportunity to contribute and change the governing landscape of India.

This Internship provides you with an opportunity to participate in work that matters, Work that affects the life of many individuals and also in the process gather skills and knowledge that will give you a competitive edge in the professional arena.

Below listed are the different positions/domains that we have on offer. Based on your skills & interests please fill in the form.

Communications & Outreach Team:

  1. WalkTheTalk: Are you one of those who can even convince a cat not to eat a rat ? Are you a good listener too ? If yes, this role is for you. The primary responsibility is to get in touch with the general public via calling campaigns/ public gatherings etc and get to know their issues and let them know of the work done by the Delhi Govt.
  2. HR@AAP: Your primary role will involve managing the in-house volunteers. Constant engagement with them, knowing the issues of the various constituencies they work in. Also this team handles the intern selection and post fillings by new members whenever need arises.
  3. AAPFacebookArmy: Are you the one who spends 27 hrs a day on FB/Twitter/Insta and are also popular with your posts ? This team is the place for you. Primary role will be to spread the AAP message on various platforms and pages by posting witty and informative content. It’s more of an army that you will be part of. Trust me this is the coolest team 😀

Social Media Team:

  1. Twitter & FB Warriors: Follow AAP on FB or Twitter ? Like our content ? Want to be part of this ? Good at making memes and funny content ? Apply! Looking for designers/photographers/content writers/cartoonists etc for this team.
  2. Instagram Team: Ok, We are relatively new to IG and want people who can really buzz the world with some amazing content and trends. This team will handle both Arvinds Kejriwal’s Insta Page and the AAP Insta page. This is a baby right now. We need to make it a monster. Join in. Also if you are an active youtuber/snapchater or anything else join the Insta Team. We will use your skills and you will love it too 🙂
  3. Political Pundits: Are you the one who has strong political opinions and beliefs ? Are you also frustrated with the media for publishing biased opinions. Are you a great writer ? If you are, join this team. We will use the content (In Hindi/English or in any language) and share it widely

Research Cell:

  1. Policy & research Team: Ok, now we are down to some of the real serious stuff. This team is the recent firepower the party has developed. We work on governance issues, doing in-depth analysis and research on some of these complex topics. We drill down into the nuances of every issue and empower our leaders with the information. Stand that party takes on various issues is derived and based on our research. If you have good analytical skills, some research experience and are good with basic tools like excel and/or DBMS, this team is the place for you.
  2. RTI Cell: As the name suggests, primarily role will be to file RTI’s on relevant issues and analyze the response
  3. PythonTeam: Coding geek ? Have knowledge of any of Java/Python/R/Ruby on Rails/Android/IOS ? This team’s responsibility is to build internal processes and toolkits for better management of data we generate and for various other party activities.

Having said all this, we are definitely a party with a difference but also a party with no money at all 😛 .

The internship is purely voluntary in nature. No stipend involved. You will surely be given a certificate duly signed by the leadership of the party.


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