NILS Winter School, New Delhi 2017 is the second editor of the Winter School organised by NILS India. NILS Winter School is an annual week-long course on International Dispute Settlement. The course is tailored to provide the participants with a blend of academic sessions and tour of India’s rich cultural heritage. In the last edition, we received applications from international students from eleven different countries. The academic session is spread across nearly 25 hours and covers various areas of international dispute settlement, such as, Working of International Court of Justice, Working of UN bodies and regional organisations, International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Negotiation, Mediation and Conciliation etc. NILS Winter School 2017 is scheduled from December 15 – 23, 2017 in New Delhi, India.



The academic programme covers an introduction to diplomatic and judicial forms of international dispute settlement. Participants will learn about diplomatic forms of dispute settlement, such as negotiation and mediation, as well as judicial forms of dispute settlement, namely adjudication and arbitration. The international courts and tribunals covered in this course include the International Court of Justice, the International Law of the Sea Tribunal, the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, and arbitral tribunals in investor-State and inter-State cases. The students will also learn about the role of the United Nations and regional organizations in the settlement of disputes. Finally, the course will cover specific themes or topics within the field of international dispute settlement, such as provisional measures and jurisdiction and admissibility. Day 1: Introduction to International Dispute Settlement Day 2: Negotiation, Mediation, Inquiry and Conciliation Day 3: The Role of the United Nations and Regional Organizations Day 4: International Court of Justice Day 5: International Arbitration (Commercial Arbitration & Investment Arbitration) Day 6: International Law of the Sea Tribunal and the World Trade Organization Day 7: Recent Trends in International Dispute Settlement TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION


The participants shall be provided with bed and breakfast in a well-furnished hotel. Basic amenities such as free Wi-Fi shall be covered. The participants shall also be provided with free public transport facilities from the hotel to the academic venue and to the non-academic visits scheduled in the programme. Any transportation cost outside of the scheduled programme is to be borne by the participants. Travel from the participants hometown to New Delhi is to be borne by the participant itself. International participants have to obtain the requisite visa (“Conference Visa”) and bear the fees themselves. NILS shall be providing sponsored letter for obtaining visa to enter India once the participant has confirmed his participation. Please contact our team for any further enquiries regarding visa. However, most questions should be answered if you look at the website of the Indian High Commissioner in your country or VFS Global (where ever applicable). ​



The total intake for the NILS Winter School is restricted to 50 participants. The selection of participants will be strictly done according to the merits of Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Purpose submitted by the applicants. Since our organisation believes in diversity, we will select only few participants from each country. ​Please pay the registration fees ONLY AFTER registering via the Registration Form below. Deadline for Registration: November 26, 2017


Varsha Gupta [Vice President (Events), NILS India]:




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