VICHAAR- DRC’s Indian Youth Parliament is scheduled on 24th-25th Feb, 2018.

Greetings from THE DEBATING SOCIETY, Daulat Ram College


We are glad to announce that our second edition of VICHAAR- DRC’s Indian Youth Parliament is scheduled on 24th-25th Feb, 2018. The delegate applications for the same have now been opened.


Vichaar is a two day bilingual youth parliament that assures to instigate heavy debate and deliberation on critical issues and promises a firm resolution by its end. With the aim to provide a platform for ideas and thoughts, the committees for Vichaar 2018 are the following:




The first committee is the lower house of the Indian parliament which is the centre for discourse and discussion and is a powerful tool to bring about a change.


Agenda- “No confidence motion against the Vajpayee government”





The second committee is the executive government agency tasked at advising the Prime Minister’s office and aims to address border conflicts and other security concerns.


Agenda– “Deliberation on current border situations with special emphasis on China and Pakistan”



3) OPERATION BLUE STAR (Continuous Crisis Committee)


This is a continuous crisis committee ( joint meeting of Akali Dal & Indian National Congress)


Freeze Date- 25th April, 1983



4) SACHAR COMMITTEE (double delegation)


This committee aims to deliberate upon the socio-economic problems faced by  the Muslim community in India.


Agenda- “Addressing employment and educational opportunities for Muslims in India”


The delegate fees is 900. 


To register, connect to the following link:



For more information and updates:


For any other query contact-


Rahesha Sehgal

(USG Delegate Affairs)

+91 89687 96917​​​​​



The Debating Society

Daulat Ram college


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