Internship Experience@Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Delhi: (PRISON REFORM)

Interns Details

Ashish Badoni

School of Law, Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Contact – +91 9997685128

Organization Detail

CHRI’s objectives are to promote awareness of and adherence to the Harare Commonwealth Declaration, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other internationally recognised human rights instruments, as well as domestic instruments supporting human rights in Commonwealth member states.

55A, 3rd Floor, Siddharth Chambers
Kalu Sarai, New Delhi 110 016




Application Process

A mail with a purpose can be dropped to

Ms. Vinu Sampath Kumar

Ms. Kakoli Roy

Mr. Raja Bagga

Duration of Internship

2nd-25th Jan, 2018. Timings: 9:30 am-5:30 pm.


  1. Video Conferencing safeguard document that needs to be submitted to the E- committee of Supreme Court;

  • Introduction : To be taken from CHRI’s draft Note

  • The jurisprudence, the legal position ( the note and other attached documents ) 

  • The challenges with using VC for a) remand b) trial ( Use the note and the Feedback)

  • The safeguards recommended ( Note plus Feedback plus AP HC rules, Delhi HC Rules plus Maharashtra HC Order and others) 

  • Flowchart/process guide ( Sequential process of VC)

  • Stakeholder -wise duties/ responsibilities ( Magistrate, Lawyer, Prosecution, Police Accused) 

  • Annexures

  1. Edit Report on Tihar by the Video of One Day Seminar on Police and Prisoner.

  2. Find Lok Sabha Questions from the official site of Lok Sabha.

  3. All India Law Colleges- Invitation to edit (Names of Colleges, Address, Contact Details & Source from where the details have been taken.

  4. Look at NGO’s who are working on issues relating to prisons and prisoners of following Countries;

  • UK, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Maldives.


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