49TH SUMMER SCHOOL At Fondation Rene’ Cassin, International Institute of Human Rights Summer School FROM 2ND TO 20TH OF JULY 2018

Fondation rene’ cassin, international institute of human rights

Summer School FROM 2ND TO 20TH OF JULY 2018





The 49th Summer School in international human rights law will take place from 2nd to 20th of July 2018. Application for admission process is open


The session provides advanced courses in international and comparative human rights law taught by specialists from various parts of the world.

The session is intended for:

Students with an advanced level in law, political science and social science; Teachers, professors and researchers; Members of the legal professions and any other occupations related to human rights; National and international civil servants;

How apply ? :


Online registration : http://www.iidh.org.

Access to the secure registration form requires to open an online account. The process indicated on the Foundation’s website should be read. Any incomplete file will not be taken under consideration. 
Admission of applicants is decided through review of their applications by a Selection Committee under the Foundation Director’s authority.

Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements:



Deadline for registration : 11 may 2018

  • master French and English which are the session’s two official languages, in order to follow all courses and debates. No simultaneous translation is provided for. Introductory and Fundamental courses: French, English and Spanish. Conferences/round Tables: French and English. Special courses: French and English.

have at least a four-year university degree (master’s degree, LL.M or equivalent)

by exceptionally possess any person which have a sound experience in the eld of human rights, gained in governmental entities, intergovernmental or non-governmental organizations or possess similar experience.


The registration fees is 820 euros. After examination of the applications, participants will be informed of their preadmission by email. A non-refundable deposit of 250 euros should by pay within a period of one month, from the date of receipt of the notification of preadmission by email. This amount will be deducted from the registration fees. This payment valid the registration and confirm the effective presence to the summer school. By absence of payment within the deadline, registration will be cancelled.

If you want to apply for the Foundation’s diploma, please consult this page : FOUNDATION’S DIPLOMA

Register here

Website Link

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