YOUTH PARLIAMENT :UTHAN : Sत्ता – The Power of Words, 28-29 July, 2018.

YOUTH PARLIAMENT :UTHAN : Sत्ता – The Power of Words, 28-29 July, 2018.

Satta is apparently the second big event of Uthan, after it had organized the Youth Parliament in 2017. This July at Satta we are going to see how the words can play big role in changing our worlds. We would see how people coming on a single platform and discussing can lead to constructive and creative results.


  • Lok sabha – The Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2018
  • Rajya sabha – National language bill
  • Citizen dialogue Forum- Review of current education policy
  • Opposition parties meet – Formation of grand alliance/Mahagathbandhan (in hindi) for future elections
  • Stakeholder meet – Review of laws relating to sexual offences with special emphasis on marital rape and gender neutrality.
  • Niti Ayog – Planning and development of employment opportunities in India
  • AIPPM – Deliberation upon interstate water and land disputes
  • Constituent Assembly Debate – discussion on fundamental rights and Directive principles of state policy.


  • Get a chance to interact with IAS , IRS officers and MPs.
  • An amazing experience of being a part of a national level conference.
  • Get felicitated by Members of Parliament or an IAS officer.
  • Certificate signed by an IAS officer to all the participants and Letter Of Appreciation to the best ones.
  • Cash prizes to the winners
  • Constitution Of India book as a token of respect to the top participants.
  • Trophies to best delegates, special mention and high commendation of all the Committees.
  • Parliamentary Momentos to the winners.
  • Parliamentary Visit to all the participants.
  • Goodies, Gift hampers and many more!!


Delegate Registration Form.

Press Registration Form.


Official Facebook Page.


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