Volume I, Issue I (2018)

About Corporate and Competition Law Review

The Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad, (M.S) Corporate and Competition Law Review is a student- edited, peer-reviewed, bi-annual law journal under faculty supervision aimed at an inter- disciplinary approach towards legal research


Editorial Policy and Guidelines

Objective: The Corporate and Competition Law Review aims at fostering the legal knowledge of students and professionals related to corporate and competition laws so that the legal enquiry into the field opens up for new discoveries and proposals for the development of the laws in the contemporary world.

Substance: The Corporate and Competition Law Review seeks to publish legal writings of highlighting the various facets of Corporate & Competition laws. Clarity of thought and expression is mandatory. The interdisciplinary approach on legal issues related to the above mentioned subject from the legal fraternity are welcome. For the very first edition we are inviting Articles , Book Reviews, and Case commentaries, Essays from students , academicians & professionals. Though there are no strict rules for scholarship, but the editorial policy suggests the following word limits:

Articles – 4000-6000 words ( Abstract – 300-400 words )

Book Review – 1500-2000 words

Case Commentaries – 2500-3000 words

Essays – 2500-3500 words

Note :- The above mentioned word limits exclude footnotes and abstract (in case of articles ).

The submissions may include discussions of legal issues, case laws or legal policy or critical analysis offering a right direction (in the opinion of the author) on the highlighted issue can also be sent. Notes and reviews containing descriptive summary of a judgment, new legislation and legal policy with contemporary importance can also be contributed . Authors can also write a book review for publication. The purpose of notes and reviews is to acquaint the reader with the contemporary developments in the corporate field.

Guidelines for the submissions:

Font Size: Main text – 12 pts. , Footnotes – 10 pts.

The title should be Bold, Underlined, in Capitals, Size 16, and Center Aligned. The title should have the name(s) of the author(s), their course and college as first footnote(s).

Headings should be Bold, in Capitals, Size 14, and left aligned

Line Spacing: Main text – 1.5, Footnotes – 1.0

Font Type: Times New Roman Margin – 1” from all sides.

Mode of Citation: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Nineteenth Edition)

Co-Authorship to a maximum of two members is allowed.

How to submit :-

  1. The submissions may be sent to in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format.
  2. The attached submission in the email, i.e., the name of the document must be the name(s) of the author(s).
  3. The subject title for the mail must be ‘Article/ Essay/ Case Comment/ Book Review for CCLR.
  4. Please note that only one submission per author or a team of co-authors is permissible.
  5. In case of more than one submission, only the one received first would be considered for review

Submission Deadline

The last date for submission of full Research Paper/Notes/Comments/Case Comment and Book Review is up to 23rd September,2018, 11:59 PM. All submissions will go through rounds of scrutiny and the shortlisted contributors will be duly informed.


All future queries maybe addressed to

For Brochure – Click here

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