WORKSHOP: Research Writing Workshop for Ph.D. Scholars: M.P. Institute of Social Science Research.

WORKSHOP: Research Writing Workshop for Ph.D. Scholars: M.P. Institute of Social Science Research.

Research is a simultaneous process of thinking, studying, analysing and writing. In India most of the Ph.D. scholars face difficulty to finalise their Ph.D. synopsis and final outcome in the form of thesis in a presentable form. Though, the newly initiated pre-Ph.D. course work by UGC has been providing orientation to Ph.D. scholars, however the research scholars are still at a dilemma how to write different components of Ph.D. work i.e., synopsis, thesis, summary and research articles mandatory for completion of a doctoral work. The Research Writing Workshop is designed to facilitate the researcher on and about the designing and planning of a research work in social sciences by giving scholars a clear overview of the basic elements of research writing common to social sciences. The workshop will introduce the essential elements of writing a thesis (issue, contexts, texts, methodology and voice). After introducing these concepts, the workshop will give students the opportunity to articulate these concepts in their own research issues. The workshop will orient the participants about various component of research i.e., epistemology, methodology and method and simultaneously organise discussion sessions on how to write research proposal, research thesis and research articles during their research work. The workshop will focus on developing arguments for their research problem for writing thesis and research papers, which will develop the skills of identifying the basic elements of description, analysis and argument, and incorporating these elements in their own writing practice


Learning Outcomes:

  • At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:
  • Become familiar with core components of a research work i.e., writing synopsis and
  • Articulate these components in relation to student’s own research work.
  • Engage in critical evaluation of each of these elements in relation to the own research work.
  • Learn to identify differences between description, analysis and argument in social science writing.
  • Learn to conceptualize research paper writing in social sciences.


Course Content :

o Basic Tenets of Social Science Research

o Writing Research Proposal

o Research Design

o Writing Literature Review

o Writing Objectives and Research Question

o Writing of Hypothesis

o Designing Research Methodology

o Preparation of Questionnaire and Schedules

o Presentation of Research Findings

o Writing of Research Papers

o References and Foot Notes

o Language of Research

o Writing Research Report/Thesis



  • Applications are invited (by post or by sending scanned copy of the filled-in application through e-mail duly forwarded by concerned authorities) on or before, 15 September (Saturday, 5 PM) 2018 addressed to the Programme Coordinator (RRW, 2018).
  • All Applications should be sent at E Mail:

For official Notification – Click here.


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