Workshop on Gender, Constitutional Rights and Women’s Movements Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur [Nov 19-23]:

Workshop on Gender, Constitutional Rights and Women’s Movements Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur [Nov 19-23]:

About us:

Sambhaavnaa Institute, nestled in a small village called Kandwari, in the lap of the mighty Dhauladhar mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh, is an alternative learning and living space for those concerned with social and political change. Founded under aegis of the Kumud Bhushan Education Society in 2004 Sambhaavnaa’s main mission has been to nurture value-based leadership by encouraging individuals, especially the youth; to discuss and develop a critical perspective on the ideals and ideas that define a just society.

Since 2011-12, Sambhaavnaa has emerged as a platform for a wide variety of individuals and organisations to engage and reflect on processes of transformation challenging the injustice that prevails in the society today.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand concepts including power, gender, patriarchy & sexuality.
  • Examine these concepts in the context of our Constitutional rights.
  • Share the journey of women’s movements and its links to other social justice movements.

Core Themes:

  • Examine links between gender and patriarchy. What is sexuality? What is power? Is it always negative or can it be used positively?
  • Understanding the notion of consent.
  • Rights under the Indian Constitution.
  • Create collaborative initiatives of peaceful resistance.
  • Use creative ways for social transformation.

This workshop will be held in Hindi.


The facilitators will use participatory tools like games, exercises, individual reflection, group work, joyous (but not always melodious!) singing, interactive discussions, films, role plays, humour, art and other creative modes of self-expression. We believe that these methods help make the world a better place to live in.


Open to anyone who has a curious mind and wants to know more. We welcome people of all genders 18 years and above. We particularly encourage people working in groups, organisations and movements to apply.

Programme fees:

Contribution for the workshop would include boarding and lodging. This would be a total of Rs. 4200 for 5 days. However, we believe that money should never be a barrier to learning and self-discovery and also offer a few waivers and scholarships to interested candidates with limited means. We would also encourage people to send contributions to cover costs for other candidates.

How to reach: Please visit:

For Official Link: Click Here

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