GENERAL BODY MEET: Saksham Bharti’s General Body Meeting 2018 

GENERAL BODY MEET: Saksham Bharti’s General Body Meeting 2018 

 Saksham Bharti is conducting its 21st General Body Meeting to highlight the journey and showcasing the achievements to all stakeholders and public at large. The humble beginning started way back in year 2000 by few professionals now has become a movement for all who want to make a better living society for everyone. Feeding one time is easy but the efforts for employment and livelihood generation can’t be kept for the government alone. This group with the help of progressive individuals of various strata of society, in small but concrete ways of creating industry relevant young generation not from so privileged sections of society job ready for entry to junior level of positions. 

 The date of GBM is scheduled on 30th Sep-18 from 10.30AM to 12.30PM at V K Krishna Menon Bhawan, 9, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi -1 followed by lunch covering following 



–          Annual and financial report presentation 

–          Changes in the constitution 

–          Talk show giving details of Saksham Bharti in action  

–          Play directed by Alumni of Sakshm Bharti showcasing the   journey over years 

–          Ramp show by existing students 

–          Address by Chief guest 


DONATIONS: Saksham Bharti is also exhibiting products made by existing students and drawings of winner children in the annual art competition for the collection of donations.   


For more details regarding other conferences, internships, events and much more download the app.

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