CONFERENCE: International Conference on Comparative Constitutional Laws: Amity University, Noida. 

CONFERENCE: International Conference on Comparative Constitutional Laws: Amity University, Noida. 

Amity Law School, Amity University (India) in partnership with Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide (Australia) will host an international conference on comparative constitutional law on the theme of “Comparing and Contrasting the Constitutional Models of India and Australia”. The Conference will take place on 14-15, February 2019 at the Noida, Uttar Pradesh campus of Amity University. 

Comparative constitutional law is a blossoming area of legal research with a large number of new publications in recent years. The comparison of different legal systems provides a number of benefits including the better understanding of both domestic and foreign legal systems, identifying opportunities for legal reform, and improving our understanding of the relationship between law and economic, social and political contexts. Comparative law is used by judges to survey legal developments in similarly situated jurisdictions, lawyers in advising their clients on cross-border matters, and international organisations to promote legal reforms to strengthen the rule of law and human rights. In relation to the idea of a „legal transplant‟, pioneered by AlanWatson, there is a rich scholarly discourse. Comparative constitutional scholarship by Mark Tushnet and others has demonstrated the extent of constitutional borrowing, with many countries drawing on the experience of others in formulating their foundational laws. 


Panels will be formed in relation to the following sub-themes: 

  1. Exploring similarities and differences between the constitutional frameworks of India and Australia; 
  1. The extent of constitutional recognition of fundamental rights in India and Australia and future trends; 
  1. The constitutional adjudication and decision-making process in the courts of India and Australia; and 
  1. Mechanisms for constitutional amendment in India and Australia and how they are (or are not) used. 



  • Each applicant must submit a 500 word abstract providing an overview of the proposed paper by e-mail to no later than October 10, 2018. Each paper will be expected to make a substantial contribution to the comparative constitutional law scholarship and the theme of the conference, for example, by advancing new knowledge, connecting previously unrelated facts, offering a critique of existing law, or proposing reform. 
  • The applicant must include a current CV with the submitted abstract. 
  • The organizing committee will notify each applicant of whether his or her abstract has been accepted by October 19, 2018. Decisions of the organizing committee to accept papers for presentation at the conference shall be final. 
  • Applicants selected by the organizing committee to participate in the conference must submit their complete paper by the deadline of January 20, 2019. Papers must be submitted by e-mail to Each paper must be between 7,500 and 10,000 words and include headings and properly formatted footnote citations (end notes are not permissible). Papers must be in MS Word format with TimesNew Roman font on an A4 size paper and 1” margin on all sides, font size 12 and linespacing of 1.5. 
  • Each successful applicant must pay the conference registration fee of 2,000 INR in case of a single author and 3,000 INR for a co-authored paper no later than October 28, 2018. Only one co-author is permitted. The registration fee is non-refundable. It will cover the cost for a folder kit, lunch and high tea on both days of the conference. A link to pay the registration fee will be included in the organizing committee‟s acceptance e-mail. 
  • Accommodation will be provided by Amity Law School to foreign participants. Indian participants may request accommodation for a fee. There is no provision for TA. 
  • Participants must attend the conference on both days to receive a participation certificate, which will be presented only at the conclusion of the conference. 
  • Selected papers will be published in an edited book (with an ISBN) following the conference. Further details will be provided in due course. 



  1. Abstract submission deadline   

    October 10, 2018 


    Applicants notified of outcome  October 19, 2018 


    Registration fee deadline  October 28, 2018 
    Paper submission deadline   

    January 20, 2019 

For registration – Click here. 

For official Brochure – Click here. 


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