Volunteer Required for Organ Donation Campaign

About Knowledge Steez

To introduce, Knowledge Steez is a sincere effort to keep law students, researchers, scholars, academicians and teaching fraternity, updated with all the academic opportunities coming their way, so as to boost their career and promote much wider information dissemination.What we initially started as a blog, has now grown muscles and become one of the India’s most popular website for law students and faculties across India.

Apart from this Knowledge Steez has been organising various events across the globe. Some of our events include National and International conferences on Human Rights and Gender Justice, Summer School on Human Rights in Bangladesh, Certificate course on Human Rights. knowledge steez is working to promote organ donation in India and need volunteer for the campaign.


How To Apply

Send your CV along with a cover letter stating your reasons to join the internship program to  ratheemahak@gmail.com and cc it to niteesh_marshal@yahoo.co.in latest by 15th November  2018.


  • Internship Certificate
  • If your work is up to the mark you would get a chance to get promoted to the core committee of Knowledge Steez
  • Discount on World Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Legal Aid and Human Rights, New Delhi.


  • Discount on Winter School on Human Rights 2018, Kathmandu (Nepal)




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