SAVEETHA SCHOOL OF LAW: One day national workshop on “Labour Legislations in current scenario” 

SAVEETHA SCHOOL OF LAW: One day national workshop on “Labour Legislations in current scenario” 

Indian labour law refer to laws regulating labour system in India. Both central and state governments have enacted laws on labour relations and employment issues. Labour law arose due to the demands of workers for better condi- tions, the right to organize, and the simultaneous demands of employers to restrict the powers of workers in many organizations and to keep labour costs low. Labour legislation that is adopted to the economic and social challenges of the modern world of work fulls three crucial roles: Individual and collective employment relationships, Industrial relations based on workplace democracy, and guarantee of fundamental principles and rights at work which have received broad social acceptance. With the view to create awareness on the signicance of Labour Laws to the people from various sectors in the country,  

Saveetha School of Law, Saveetha Institute of Medical And Technical Sciences is organizing a one day National Workshop on Labour Laws. The Workshop is intended to cover various aspects of Labour Laws. 



  • Labour unrest and strikes. 
  • Employment and Employment Generation 
  • Industrial Relations 



Last date for registration: 7th November 2018 

National Workshop 9th November 2018. 


Faculty Co-ordinators: 

Ms. R. Dhivya – 8760651004 | Mr. M. Yokesh – 8190909192 

Mr. Arul Kannappan – 9789604433 

For official notification – click here.


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