VIPS – ICRC National Conference on International Humanitarian Law: Organised on Jan 19, 2019; Submit by Dec 10

 VIPS – ICRC National Conference on International Humanitarian Law: Organised on  Jan 19, 2019; Submit by Dec 10  

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About VIPS-ICRC Conference:

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in modern times is being continuously challenged by the changing nature of the contemporary armed conflict. A wide array of new technologies has entered the modern battlefield. Cyberspace has opened up a potentially new war-fighting domain. Remote controlled weapon systems such as drones are increasingly being used by the parties to armed conflicts. Automated weapons systems are also on the rise and certain autonomous systems such as combat robots are being considered for future use in the battlefield. There can be no doubt that IHL applies to these new weapons and the employment of new technology in warfare.

However, these new means and methods of warfare pose legal and practical challenges in terms of ensuring their compliance with existing IHL norms, and also that due regard is given to the foreseeable humanitarian impact of their use. Another recent challenge for IHL has been the tendency of States to label all acts of warfare committed by non-State armed groups against them as acts of ‘terrorists’, especially in non-international armed conflicts. While armed conflict and acts of terrorism are different forms of violence governed by different bodies of law, they have come to be perceived as almost synonymous due to constant conflation in the public domain.

Thus, the conference aims to spread awareness and initiate discussions on contemporary challenges and prevailing scope of IHL on the realities of modern warfare and its impact on the protection of victims of armed conflicts.

Themes of the VIPS-ICRC Conference:

Prospective delegates can send their submissions on the following or related themes:

  • Terrorism and IHL
  • The criminalisation of Humanitarian Actors/Organisations
  • IHL and UN Peacekeeping Operations
  • Challenge of Enforcement of IHL
  • IHL and South Asia: Challenges and Way Forward
  • New Technology of Warfare: Cyber Warfare, Autonomous Weapon System, Airburst
  • Weapon System etc.
  • Analysing Critically 70 years of Geneva Conventions
  • Domestication of IHL: Case study of countries in South Asia
  • Child soldiers: Victims or Combatants?
  • Protection of Emblems.

Submission guidelines:

  • Please submit your abstracts (maximum 300 words) through
  • Authors of approved abstracts will be intimated by 15thDecember 2018. Authors of selected papers will have to pay a participation fee of Rs. 1000/- not later than 18th December 2018. The last date for submission of full-length papers is January 7, 2019.

Eligibility criteria:

Academicians, professionals, research scholars, post-graduates in law and students pursuing LL.M. from any recognised university shall be eligible to participate in the conference, subject to selection of their abstracts.

Important dates:

·         Last date of abstract submission 10th December 2018
·         Communication of short-listed abstracts 15th December 2018
·         Early-bird payment and registration 16th December 2018
·         Last date of payment and registration 18th December 2018
·         Submission of full-length papers 7th January 2019
·         Day of Conference 19th January 2019


Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, AU- Block, Outer Ring Road, Pitampura, Delhi, 110034.

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