CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Innovation, Competition and Information Law (JICIL)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Innovation, Competition and Information Law (JICIL)

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Innovation, Competition and Information Law (JICIL) invites original and unpublished manuscripts for publication in Volume I Issue IV of the Journal to be released in the month of February 2019.


About the Journal

Journal of Innovation, Competition and Information Law (JICIL) is a quarterly law journal aimed at understanding the nexus of the three areas viz. Intellectual Property Law, the legal custodian of any Innovation, Anti-Trust Laws which promote and encourage competition and IP and Information Law that binds the subject-matter of the other two laws. This journal aims to make an effort in identifying the key areas of Intellectual Property and Competition Law that coincide or overlap each other and yet remain complementary. There is huge scope for application of Intellectual Property and Anti-Trust Laws in India and therefore, this journal seeks to delve into academic research so in practice, a legitimate footing may be achieved. Information Era is the name synonymous to the Twenty-First century and it is indispensable to recognize that the basis of Intellectual Property happens to be application of the idea and exclusivity thereon while the object of Competition Law is also based on secretive information that may lead to collusive practices impacting free trade and desirable market conditions. Information is the key to power and therefore it is important to recognize the same and in support of this theory, this journal extends the scope of examination and inquiry to Information Law.


Guidelines for Submission

  • All submissions are to be made to jicil@agradoot.inwith a Word Document attached containing the Final Paper.
  • The paper must be of the nature of an Article or Research Paper or Case Comment.
  • The word limit is 5000 words inclusive of footnotes and references/bibliography.
  • Any uniform mode of citation can be used in the paper.
  • The paper must conform to the following formatting guidelines
  • Title of the Paper – Times New Roman Size 16 Bold
  • Sub-Title  Times New Roman Size 12
  • Heading 1 – Times New Roman Size 12 Bold
  • Heading 2 – Times New Roman Size 12 Underlined
  • Heading 3 – Times New Roman Size 12 Italics
  • The submission must be accompanied with the details of the author (Name, Email, Phone & College/Affiliation) mentioned in the Body of the Email.


Important Details:

Submission must be made with the Subject of the Email ‘Submission: Edition IV JICIL’. The paper must be submitted on or before 30 January 2019, to be considered for publication.

The paper shall be evaluated by the Peer-Reviewers post-which the Expert Reviewers shall make the final call on the List of Papers selected.



For official website – click here.

  • The Editorial Board,
  • Ankita Aseri, Editor-in-Chief,
  • Pooja Kurian, Deputy Editor-in-Chief,


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