3rd edition of Uthan Youth Parliament

After the grand success and unconditional love in the 1st and 2nd edition, Uthan Youth Parliament is back with the third edition on 19th and 20th January 2019.
Get ready to experience the war of words with new Committees and better Agendas:
1) Historic Summit – Review of Partition of India and Pakistan.
2) Law Commission – Reconsideration committee over judgements of Supreme Court with special emphasis on  the Triple Talaq, Sabarimala Temple case, Section 377 and 497.
3) Lok Sabha – Reviewing NDA Government’s Performance.
4) Union Council Of Ministers – Deliberation on privatisation of  Indian Raliways.
5) AIPPM – Reconsideration over the powers and perks given to the Parliamentarians.
6) All India Students Body Meet – Review Of Higher Education Commission Of India Bill, 2018 and Mental health of students.
7) Niti Aayog – Deliberation on Land acquisition by Government with special emphasis on Bhatta parsaul case.
8) Stakeholders’ Meet – Review on rights given to media.
9) Rajya Sabha – Dissolution of national commission for women.
10) Hindustan Press – includes Reporters, Editors, Photographers, Videographers and Caricatures.
So why wait? Register yourself to experience the best:
Follow our fb page for updates – https:// www.facebook.com/uthanyouthparliament/

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