National Seminar Organised by: Maharaja Bijli Pasi Govt. P.G. College on February 01,2019

National Seminar Organised by: Maharaja Bijli Pasi Govt. P.G. College on February 01,2019

About the Seminar:

Menstruation is a normal biological process and a key sign of reproductive health of a woman, yet in many cultures it is treated as something negative, shameful or dirty. Menstruation has long been tied to religious and superstitious tropes spanning various cultures and traditions.

The continued silence around this issue combined with limited access to information at home and in schools, results in millions of women and girls having very little knowledge about what is happening to their bodies when they menstruate and how to deal with it. Also, the reality of taboos and socio-cultural restrictions surrounding menstrual practices prevents adolescent girls from accessing vital and elds, be it social,accurate information about menstrual hygiene. Conclusively, the menstrual issue encompasses a whole plethora of  religious, medical, biological, economical, literature, psychological studies, politics, gender studies, sports, environmental studies, etc. The overall objective of the seminar is to assess the prevailing knowledge and sources of information about menstrual hygiene and management, to identify the issues and prejudices associated with it, and to create an open forum to address the most important aspect of women health.


  1. Menstruation: A biological process.
  2. Menstruation: A social and religious taboo.
  3. Holistic approach to menstrual cycle.
  4. Social responsibility regarding menstruation.

Call for Papers:

Participants are requested to send their full paper in the prescribed format by

E-mail to-

The paper should clearly include Author’s name, Title of the paper, Designation, Institute, Email address and mobile number. Selected full length papers shall be published in UGC listed journal. The last date for contributing the full-length paper is 05 January, 2019. Kindly enclose registration fee receipt also, along with your paper. Papers received after stipulated deadline shall not be entertained for participation/publication.

Important Dates:

  • Last Date of Full Paper Submission:   January 05, 2019.
  • Acceptance Notification of the Paper:  January 15, 2019.
  • Last Date of Online Registration:   January 25, 2019

For Brochure: Click Here

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