ICSSR Sponsored Ten Days ‘Research Methodology Course for Ph.D. Students in Social Sciences’ (19 th to 28 th, February, 2019)

Women’s Studies Centre and Department of Teacher Education at Nagaland University, Kohima Campus, Meriema, Nagaland shall conduct an ICSSR Sponsored Ten Days ‘Research Methodology Course for Ph.D. Students in Social Sciences’ to be held from 19th to 28th, February, 2019.

Objective of the Workshop

The main objective behind this Workshop is to give exposure on research methodology and data analysis to research scholars. The programme aims at acquainting the participants with the methodologies of qualitative research, data analysis in qualitative research and encouraging them to undertake research using mixed-methods and triangulation. The programme will focus on foundations of quantitative and qualitative research. The research designs of each of these approaches to research shall be discussed. Identification of research problem, writing a research proposal, undertaking review of literature and then deciding upon the approach to research shall be dealt in detail.



Different topics of research methodology shall be taught through different pedagogical tools like lectures, hands-on training on computer software, assignments to write research proposal, designing instrument for data collection and field work for data collection. The participants will be required to make presentations and submit a report at the end of the workshop

Course Content

The content of the workshop includes Nature, Importance and Scope of Educational Research& Nature of Scientific Methods and its Application to Education, Review of Related Literature, Types of Research, Steps in the Process of Research & Research Proposal, Experimental Designs, Hypotheses: Concept & Types of Hypotheses, Formulation of Hypothesis, Testing of Hypothesis, Types of Sampling: Probability Sampling & NonProbability Sampling, Data Collection Tools, Web Tools in Research ,Grounded Theory & Case Studies, Report Writing/Thesis Writing , Tool Standardization, Ethnographic Research, Variables and Types of Variables, Research Paper Writing, Plagiarism in Research, Issues in Research Field work, References and Citations, Book Publication & Journal Publication, Ethics in Research, Computer Applications in Social Science Research, Basic Statistics and MS-Excel and SPSS, Library & e-library training, Use of Data in Social Science Research

Eligibility Criteria

Young researchers who are pursuing their Ph.D. programme in universities or research institutions are eligible to apply.


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