CONFERENCE: National Conference on Law and Justice School of Law, Auro University, Surat ,9th and 10th March, 2019

CONFERENCE: National Conference on Law and Justice School of Law, Auro University, Surat ,9th and 10th March, 2019


Our Constitution is a ray of HOPE.

H for Harmony

O for Opportunity

P for People’s participation

E for equality

—Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi
The HOPE of citizen rests upon the Governments and the Governments are purely rested on the Constitution. It becomes purely a document that builds and shapes a nation. It is a document which will never go stale and weak. The changing attributes of society may challenge the ethos of existing law but the balance is achieved by reading public interest and social welfare by the judges by dynamic interpretation of the Constitution.

As the Constitution of India is flexible and dynamics and has sawn the seed of Equality and Liberty for almost 70 years, it is time to see the contemporary challenges around it.

The conference aims to identify the contemporary Issues of the Constitution and find the elucidations for the same for the development of the nation.





Conference Dates: 9th– 10th March 2019

Last date for Abstract Submission: 15th January 2019

Communication of Acceptance: 20th January, 2019

Last date for Paper Submission: 20th February 2019

Last for Registration: 20th February 2019


Theme and Sub-themes:

Main Theme

  • Contemporary Challenges verses Dynamic Constitution and Judicial Approach

Sub Themes

  • Panel – I       Impact of Socio- Political Environment on Judiciary and Judicial Activism
  • Panel – II      Contemporary Issues and Challenges before the Constitution
  • Panel – III      Social Media, Freedom of Speech and Constitutional Challenges
  • Panel – IV     Restoring Privacy in contemporary life- Constitutional Effort

The above mentioned sub themes are not inclusive. Paper on any other issues related to main theme would be accepted.

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