VITSOL NATIONAL DEBATE COMPETITION 2019 on 22 -23 MARCH 2019 at VIT School of law, Chennai:

VITSOL NATIONAL DEBATE COMPETITION 2019 on 22 -23 MARCH 2019 at VIT School of law, Chennai:


“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ― George Washington

The very essence of democracy is rule by its people, and any law enacted should have the approval of its people. In our constitutional governance people on their behalf elect their representatives and send them to voice their opinion. In the recent past we have seen that the parliamentary democracy is slowly withering or toned down its values because of the practices that are followed in todays parliament and the legislative assembly. In the recent past we have witnessed old good practices were thrown to wind and many bills in the Parliament are passed without any detailed debate or discussion which is not good for our nation. The reason for this changing trend is due to lack of efficiency of parliamentarians to work for the national cause, for which they are elected. The dearth of interest in updating themselves with modern developments is another reason.

To address these problems VITSOL National Debate Competition facilitates our future generation to improve their talents and honing the debating skills by making use of critical thinking and persuasion. VITSOL National Debate Competition aims to inculcate a spirit of participation among the budding lawyers. For these reasons VITA lex Debate Society has come up with the below mentioned themes.


  1. The Vedic Education (Compulsory Teaching in Educational) Bill, 2018
  2. The Private Schools (Regulations of fee) Bill, 2018
  3. Death Penalty Abolition Bill, 2017
  4. Data Privacy and Protection Bill, 2017
  5. The Dam Safety Bill, 2018


  • Date of Event – 22-23 March 2019
  • Registration deadline – 28 February 2019
  • Clarification deadline – 05 March 2019


The registration shall be provisionally confirmed on submission of online form and shall be registered upon receipt of Original DD or receipt of online transfer for Rs. 2000/- in favor of “Vellore institute of Technology, payable at Chennai.

For online transfer:

  • A/c Number: 6377709730
  • Bank: Indian Bank

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