Call for papers, articles, notes and comments at MSB Global Law Institute Maharaja Surajmal Brij University on 2nd April 2019:

Call for papers, articles, notes and comments at MSB Global Law Institute Maharaja Surajmal Brij University on 2nd April 2019:


All Authors – Professors, lawyers, judges, experts and opinion makers

We invite the legal luminaries and everyone having something to say that they may send their thoughts or writings even if published earlier for wider circulation, if so deemed fit by themselves.

The submissions may be on any contemporary having legal or normative implications or issues connected with experiences and concerns about governance, economic or social development, women and welfare of deprived sections of population; we would love to receive work for self reliant economy, industrial/technological development models.

The discussion papers may include Pedagogy of law, legal aid, promoting access to justice through law schools and experiential learning of law to strengthen efforts of justice delivery and education. We would wish that law as discipline must choose to support at least one social welfare programme.

The submission should include an abstract of 200 words along with manuscript and the author(s) name and designation as a footnote. The abstract should depict observations and final conclusions. Five keywords establishing the scope of the manuscript are to be submitted. More details are in enclosed guidelines.

It is advised that the final stage draft may be submitted so that the suggestions can be sent for uniformity. Hoping for your contribution in 2 weeks time. We will do this journal before 15 April, 2019.

MSB Global Law Journal Submission Guidelines:

An abstract of 200 words should be included with 5 keywords. The contribution is required to conform to the standard guidelines but see the following before submission.

Entries are invited under all the conventional categories:

  1. Articles: The proposed word limit is 5000-8000 words. These are evaluations of specific contemporary issues and aim at conceptualizing the issues for social and economic upliftment. The purpose of article should be identifiable. The assessment of contemporary issues shall be appreciated, though not mandatory.
  2. Notes: The prescribed word limit is 3000-5000 words. Entries submitted under this section may present practical recommendations for contemporary issues.
  3. Case comments: The word limit is 1000-2000 words or till the time it remains concise. The author should state the aim and legal impact of his submission wrt judgment and legislation.
  4. Book reviews: The word limit is 1000-2000 words. Entries submitted under this category may present innovative evaluation of present literature. The book shall have to be submitted to the Institute.

The prescribed word limits exclude Abstract, but includes footnotes. Speaking footnotes must be avoided wherever possible.

  • The author(s) is/are required to attach a covering letter containing all personal details:
  •  (Name of the author(s), their degrees, Designation, Name of College/University/Institution, Postal Address, Phone Number and E-mail Id) in a separate document with the entry. All submissions must be attached to the email in editable Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format. The Entry must be typewritten in the font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line Spacing: 1.5.
  • The footnotes/Citations must be typewritten in the font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 10, Line Spacing: 1.0 and justified alignment. Citation style must adhere to the ILI Citation Style. Also see the enclosed file made by MSBU.
  • Indian cases may be cited as per the Supreme Court Cases (SCC) and/or comparable citation wherever applicable. An entry shall not be authored by more than two persons.
  • The submissions must be e-mailed in editable soft copy and a pdf file to  and to  . The attached submission in the file must have the name of the author(s) and abbreviated title proposed.

Last Date: 20th March, 2019

For Brochure: Click here

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