CALL FOR PAPERS: The Bhopal School of Social Sciences, Bhopal :BSSS JOURNAL OF COMMERCE

CALL FOR PAPERS: The Bhopal School of Social Sciences, Bhopal :BSSS JOURNAL OF COMMERCE


Research is a continuous intellectual process of mind. It is helpful to elevate our knowledge and evoke the ultimate level of wisdom. BSSS aspires to create such an opportunity which may become the stepping stone for Academicians, Young Researchers to take up the path of research publication. We have been publishing BSSS JOURNAL OF COMMERCE since 2009 to achieve the above objective. BSSS Journal of Commerce is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed online journal published annually in English language by the Department of Commerce with an ISSN: 0975-2528 (Print).

We invite Research Papers, Articles and Case Studies of original nature for publication in our forthcoming issue Volume XI (2019) for our National Blind Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal BSSS Journal of Commerce in the emerging paradigms in allied subjects like:


Accounting and Finance

Business Communication


Business Law


International Business

Business Environment


T axation


Tourism Administration & Management

Corporate Governance

Industrial Relations

Auditing and related areas

The author must submit the soft copy of manuscript in MS Word format after preparing the same as per our submission guidelines before 30th June, 2019, at the following


General Information:

  • This is National Refereed Annual Research Journal for Commerce.
  • The selection and publication of research articles are done after reviewrecommendations of the experts.
  • All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical research, and relevance to journal contributions.
  • Submitted manuscript is subject to Plagiarism check. Final editorial decision regarding suitability of articles resides with the editors.
  • The journal gives acknowledgement w.r.t. the receipt of every email within twenty- four hours and in case of non-receipt of acknowledgment from the journal, w.r.t. the submission of the manuscript, within two days of its submission, the corresponding author is required to demand for the same by sending a separate mail to the journal.
  • The author (s) name or details should not appear anywhere on the body of the manuscript, to facilitate blind review except on the covering letter and the cover page of the manuscript, in the manner as mentioned in the guidelines.
  • Editorial decision regarding publication will be communicated within 2 weeks from receipt of the manuscript.About Manuscripts:
    1. It must be original and should not have been published anywhere. Paper submission must accompany a Covering Letter for declaration by the author(s) that the paper is his/ their original work and has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.
    2. Manuscript must be in MS Word processor in Times New Romanfont 12 pt. font size on A-4 size paper with 1″ margin from all sides with double line spacing, and justified.
    3. The length of the paper should be limited to approximately 2500-3000words including references (as per the specified layout) excluding tables and figures.
    4. The First Page should contain the following information :
  • Title of the paper –The title of the article should be in 14 point Times New Roman Font. It should be maximum of 150 characters and minimum of 2 words. It should be bold fully capitalized and centered.
  • Name of author(s), Institutional affiliation and E-mail address -It should be centered underneath the title with 12 point Times New Roman Font.
  • Abstract : words.
  • Keywords :
  • Format :

Abstract should be in fully italicized text, not exceeding 300 Abstract should be followed by a list of keywords maximum of MS Word (PDF format not acceptable).


  • Font style : Times New Roman.
  • Font size : Title of Research Paper – 14 point
  • Main text –12 point
  • Main text –Heading (Capital letters) – 12 point
  1. Tables, figures, etc. should be serially numbered and duly acknowledged. Sources of the data need to be given below each table or figure. References should appear at the end of the paper printed with 12 pt. font size.
  2. The research article should have bibliography, footnote, references, suggestions and findings.


         Important Dates

Last date of Submission

30th June, 2019

Decision on Acceptance

Within 7 day

For official Notification : Click here.



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