CALL FOR (CHAPTERS/PAPERS/ARTICILES IN EDITED BOOK) ON THE THEME: Transforming India 2030 : A Roadmap for Sustainable Development Goals:

CALL FOR (CHAPTERS/PAPERS/ARTICILES IN EDITED BOOK) ON THE THEME: Transforming India 2030 : A Roadmap for Sustainable Development Goals:

Transforming India 2030: A Roadmap for Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development is new phenomenon to meet the requirements of people and their overall growth. To achieve “2030Agenda” UNDP has set 17 goals which are broad and interdependent. In last few decades India witnessed a economic growth which is also reflected in rise in standard of living of people but it is also noticed that this growth in only confined to a small proportion of the population and a large section of society is still lacking their basic needs of living. Thus, is clear that in India the economic growth is unequally distributed amongst the population which results in unequal sustainable development of peoples. The governments along with other non-government organizations have put some serious efforts for upliftment of such sections of society. UNDP has set 17 goals for the world for all over sustainable development, but in India there are certain areas which need more attention for overall sustainable development.

Themes and Sub-Themes of the Book:

Theme I-Poverty and Inequality :

  • Reduction in vulnerability via access to basic services viz. housing, sanitation, safe drinking water and healthcare
  • Financial inclusion – Micro finance and financialservices
  • Social protection policies(minimumwages, old age pensions, MGNREGA, Public distribution system)
  • Reduction in rural poverty and inequality
  • Reducing social, gender and regional inequalities.

Theme II-Education and Gender:

  • Education policy and legislation
  • Inclusive Education-(gender parity, affordability, disabilities)
  • Models of economic inclusivity
  • Quality of Education (teacher quality & training etc.)
  • Gender equality of labour and work
  • Vocational Education, Digital Education & Skill development

Theme III: Decent Works and economic growth:

  • Strategies for broad based employment oriented economic growth entrepreneurship, SMEs, renewed role of Public Sector Undertakings, etc.
  • Strategies to enhance productivity-R&D, innovations and formalisation of informal employment
  • Targeting sectors and policies with potential for job creation Ÿ Gender and Regional Disparities in Growth
  • Digital platform for growth
  • Rural development and employment

Theme IV: Environment and Ecosystem:

  • Strategies to address vulnerability (ecology, environment, disaster management).
  • Climate Change & Sustainability interface.
  • Strategy for Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Legal and Policy
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental Education

 Theme V: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure:

  • Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization.
  • Foster innovation
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Urban Governance and Policies
  • Urban Finance and Infrastructure
  • Agro based industrial development.

Those who are interested in contributing a paper should sent it by email to: , typed in MS Word, font-Times New Roman,12 points, regular spacing-1.5.Abstract should not exceed 300 words and the paper 15 pages (A4) size with name and complete address of each author including mobile number.

Important Dates:  Submission of Abstracts JUNE 15, 2019

Submission of Full Paper: JUNE 30, 2019

Publication & Subscription fee: Rs. 500/-

The Publication and subscription fee can be paid through cash, Demand Draft, NEFT, RTGS, PAYTM or any other transfer mode. Kindly send the scanned copy of remittance pay in slip on whatsapp no 9761903108.

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