Course on IPR for Law Teachers by IUCIPRS and CUSAT (June 21 to 28, Kochin) Last date to Apply -May 15

Course on IPR for Law Teachers by IUCIPRS and CUSAT (June 21 to 28, Kochin) Last date to Apply -May 15

About the organization and course:

Inter-University Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Studies (IUCIPRS) and DIPP IPR Chair, CUSAT are organizing the 5th Annual Refresher Course on IPR for Law Teachers on Developmental Perspectives of Intellectual Property Rights, June 21-28, 2019.

It is a seven-day exhaustive training programme for law teachers. The theme for 2019 is “IPRs and Competition-Social Dimensions”, which is going to take place in the month of June (21st -28th).

The seven-day programme is aimed at evolving a group of experts in IP laws, both in teaching and research, who would be capable of addressing various policy issues as well as the academic needs of the country for a crucial and highly technical area of law.

Concept note:

The intellectual property rights and the competition may seem to be in conflict with each other in the first instance. However, a deeper understanding of the same sheds light to the fact that both aim to achieve a common end- i.e. global welfare.

The means to this end, followed by both the systems, might be diverse. Intellectual property, in itself, does not confer absolute monopoly to the IP holder but a limited monopoly keeping in mind the consumer welfare that the IP seeks to achieve.

If IP is to promote affordable access, one cannot do so forgoing competition. It is with this view that competition principles are pushed into the IP framework. This is evident from the express competition provisions present inside the TRIPs agreement, which is the present international document binding the member countries to create national IP law.

Apart from the express provisions on competition, TRIPs contains provisions which have an effect of encouraging competition. The positive side of bringing competition inside the IP law is that the dynamic efficiency of the IP regime does not get hampered.

At the same time, this does not prohibit the national competition policy and authorities from monitoring the conduct of the IP holders.

It is, therefore, the aim of this programme to have a better understanding of the tryst between competition law and IP.

The tentative dates of the programme

June 21st to 28th, 2019.


  • Principles of Competition
  • Concept of Innovation and Economic Efficiency
  • Interplay between Competition and Intellectual Property Law
  • Indian Competition Law, its Principles and Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Principles within Indian Patent Law
  • Patents and Access to Medicine: Competition Law as a Flexibility
  • Competition Principles within Indian Copyright Law
  • Plant Varieties Law and Competition


Teachers who are interested to participate may register by mailing to along with a brief description of their academic profile, on or before May 15, 2019.

Fee details-

The registration fee for the programme is Rs. 2000/-(inclusive of working lunch and refreshments for the programme days).

Participants will be reimbursed the amount of second class sleeper charges from the railway station nearest to Aluva, Cochin.

Participants have to manage and bear the cost of their accommodation. Entry is limited to the first thirty registrations.

The last date for application is May 15, 2019.

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