NATIONAL SEMINAR ON CYBER LAW AND CYBER CRIMES: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES organized by: University Institute of Legal Studies, Ava-Lodge Campus On 28th September, 2019:

NATIONAL SEMINAR ON CYBER LAW AND CYBER CRIMES: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES organized by: University Institute of Legal Studies, Ava-Lodge Campus On 28th September, 2019:


We are living in a society, which is called “Technologically Civilized” society. Today every other person is recognized with the device or gazette, he carries, which is technologically advance, thus it can be said that “living without technology is living without air” in this technical world of today. Technology made us dependent on it and we cannot expect or imagine a life without using a word “Technology” in it. One of the major areas of technology is information technology. Every one of us is a part of this cyber world, directly or indirectly, since computers and internet are the integral part of our life. Now-a-days everyone who works on the computer must be familiar with the terms cyber space and cyber crimes.

Sub Themes for the Seminar: It is rightly said that no one can change the world in one day but everyone can do their part. This will be a small initiative from our side to make world a better place to live in. The seminar will be graced by eminent speakers’ i.e. Legal luminaries, academicians, researchers, students, members of Governmental and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) etc. engaged on the issues relating to the following themes in particular and subthemes:

  • Emerging Trends in Cyber World and law
  • Role of UN for preserving Peace and Security in Cyber Space.
  • Crime against Women in Cyber world(Cyber Obscenity and victimization )
  • Crime against Children in Cyber world(Child Pornography, Sextortion, Indecent Representation)
  • Crime against Government in Cyber world
  • Privacy, Defamation & Data Protection in Cyber space
  • Fake ID’S in Online Social Networks (OSNs) and Rule of Law
  • Cyber Forensics & Electronic Evidence and Investigations
  • Online-Consumers in Cyberspace
  • Banking Financial Fraud, Scams and legal Protection in Cyber world
  • Net Neutrality & Regulation of Internet in 21st century
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing & New Challenges
  • Internet of Things, Block Chains – Emerging Challenges
  • Data Security Concerns in cyberspace
  • Crimes of Social Networking Sites (Social Media)
  • Cyber Security Concerns in e- Commerce, Governance, e-Services, e- Banking
  • Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Warfare
  • Criminological Explanation of Cyber Crimes
  • Regional Perspectives on the Cyber Space
  • Cyber Security Laws and Policies in India and of other Countries
  • Cyber Civility for Prevention of Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Sovereignty
  • Cyber Voyeurism; An end of Privacy
  • Military & Intelligence Actions in Cyber Space
  • Lot & Operational technology Cyber Implications
  • Cyber Extremism & Radicalization

Submissions should be sent by email to:

PUBLICATION OF PAPERS: Selected Papers would be published in the form of a Book or may be in the  Peer reviewed Journal of the UILS after the Seminar.


(a)Faculties/Professionals/Delegates : Rs. 1,500-00,

                           (Co-Author) : Rs. 1,000-00

(b)Research Scholars/Students : Rs. 800-00

(Co-Author) : Rs. 500-00

*Registration fees have to be paid in Cash on the spot only. Moreover no TA/DA will be* paid to the participants.


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